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Connie Houlihan Shares Her Perspective with CEO

Connie Houlihan

The CEO class heard from Connie Houlihan on Friday, April 21st. Connie is an area native, who started her first business at age thirteen by giving piano lessons. Her love for music continued through her life and led her to a teaching job in St. Louis. She now owns a fencing business with her husband.

Connie shared with the class some life lessons. She told the class, "Work more on yourself than your business." She also shared insight on how to have perspective on life. She said that everyone should view life like a fly on a wall. A fly on the wall doesn't see the drama in life, so we shouldn't worry about it either.

Much More than Baseball Cards

Baseball Card Connection

John and Lisa Schafer, owners of Baseball Card Connection, welcomed the CEO class to their store and home, all in one, last Thursday. Ever since John was a little boy, he collected baseball cards and started his first unofficial business at the age of 14. Today, that business he started at such a young age is made up of much more than baseball cards.  When you enter the Schafer’s store, you can find all sports memorabilia in addition to over 4 million baseball cards. Not only did John and Lisa enlighten the class about the sports memorabilia industry, but they also offered a multitude of life lessons. These lessons include: swing at good pitches, start your business at the bottom then work your way up, and when you kick the tiger, be prepared to face the consequences when it turns around. Thank you for allowing CEO to learn more about Baseball Card Connection and giving the class such awesome life lessons!

Growing America

Jim Jones

Jim Jones presented to the CEO Class on sustainable farming. Some of the students do not have a large agricultural background, but the presentation was still very interesting. These sustainable farms are indoor fields that are used to grow crops from styrofoam and take advantage of red and blue LED lights to substitute for the sun’s rays. Many of these "fields" have higher yields than an outdoor field, because insects are unable to affect the crops. Large cities, such as New York and Indianapolis, are beginning to implement these indoor farms around the city. The indoor growing stations are ideal, since most urban areas are unable to grow crops because of the lack of farm ground. Mr. Jones ended the class with a tip telling the students to be accepting of change, because it will always happen.

Student Journal Highlights for this week

"I was amazed by Conni Houlihan's energy and passion for what she does. She talked a lot about self confidence keeping things in perspective. One of my favorite quotes from that day was “You are so powerful.” It was a very simple quote but it had a strong message. People often don't realize how much of an impact they can have on people and the world when they start believing that they are powerful."
Maria Vonderheide

Maria Vonderheide
Wednesday, April 26, 2017Learn More About Maria

"The trade show is in a little over a week. It is crunch time and I need to make sure everything is ready for the show. This will be very stressful and fun(can’t believe I put those two words in a sentence together). Second realization; now that this journal is finished, I only have two journals left. This is crazy. This year has flown by faster than any year prior. On one hand CEO has seemed to go by so fast. On the other, looking back on the beginning of the year, there has never been a year where I have changed so much. Truly a transformative journey!"

"Connie Houlihan was such an uplifting person and was full of energy and passion. You could easily see her excitement and enthusiasm for CEO and I think that she was a really big refresher and motivator. I think the timing of her presentation was great being in such a busy and hectic time of the year. She has an incredible background and so much knowledge about what it takes to be successful."
Jacob Crow

Jacob Crow
Wednesday, April 26, 2017Learn More About Jacob

"Mr. Schaffer encouraged us not to lose our advantage. CEO has given us a head start, but if we don’t continue to push ourselves we will lose our edge. We shouldn’t stop but continue to push ourselves as we transition into college and our careers."

Alex Denoyer

Alex Denoyer
Wednesday, April 26, 2017Learn More About Alex

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“I’m thankful to have this opportunity and look forward to growing as an individual through the CEO program. Preparing for life after high school isn’t an easy task, but I believe CEO will give me and my fellow students the confidence to pursue our future goals and objectives.”

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