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CEO Attends Vision 2020 Breakfast

Beecher City High School Host Site
The Effingham County Chamber extended an invitation to CEO to attend their Community of Excellence Vision 2020 Breakfast at the Beecher City High School gym. It was a wonfderful opportunity for them to expand their network and to meet the business community who attended the breakfast. 

How To Have Success With A Mentor

Lucas Wenthe & Karen Etter

CEO board members Lucas Wenthe and Karen Etter provided guidance and set clear expectations on how to be an effective protégé. They emphasized how the protégé drives the relationship and provided great tips such as when they meet with their mentor, they should set a date for the next meeting before they leave. Mentor presentations will be in two weeks and the protégés are eager to hear them share their story and why they wish to be a CEO mentor. The class is looking forward to the coming Mentor Hustle Hours where they can start discussing their personal business with their mentor.

Life With A Mission And Vision Help CEO Look To The Future

John Perles, Momentum Builders, Inc.

"People are more capable than they realize", said John Perles from Momentum Builders, Inc. Mr. Perles helped CEO write their personal mission and vision statements. This helped them determine who they are and where do they wish to go. He used the analogy that the mission is the road you travel, vision is your destination and what you value is your guardrails.

He continued to talk to the class that their life is also a business. We all walk around with a personal brand and if asked what would it broadcast about you? Life takes action and true growth comes from hard conversations along with honesty and self-awareness. This was perfect timing since the facilitators conducted a 30-day review with each student, much like you have when you start with a company. Each student shared their mission and vision, as well as a self-assessment asking for their stretch goals in the next 70 days. This will place our students at the 100th day on their CEO journey.  

Midland Institute Shares Kristen Hadeed's Successful Business Startup

CEO had the opportunity to watch a video discussion where Kristen Hadeed, founder of Student Maid talk about the lessons she learned while starting up her own business and the setbacks she faced. Mrs. Hadeed was a college student who wanted to buy a pair of blue jeans and cleaned a house to make that happen. But from this desire, a business was born when she put an ad in the paper to clean houses and before she knew it she was cleaning a lot more houses than she had originally planned.

Mrs. Hadeed had always loved the business world and the idea of running her own company. She was also passionate about leadership and those she led she wanted to invest into their lives as they worked for her company. She said you should force yourself out of your comfort zone to lead you to new opportunities that you may have never realized. She also explained to us that it is okay to mess up sometimes if you learn from your mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes, but if you recover from them and learn from them, you will be okay. She has written her first book Permission to Screw Up that comes out this October.

Student Journal Highlights for this week

"I am starting to feel excitement about getting our mentors! I can not wait to see meet and get to know about mine! I am looking forward to their help with my CEO business. Also, I feel better about what is expected out of us students, and what mentoring is all about."

Kourtney Cordes

Kourtney Cordes
Thursday, September 28, 2017Learn More About Kourtney

"We began the Protege training day participating in an activity outside. In this activity, we passed yarn around creating a web in our circles. This web was made to give us a visual of the connections we make in CEO. When someone dropped the yarn that they were holding, a connection went away.  I think the message for this activity was that we should represent CEO in a positive manner and network with as many people as possible."

Ryan Sandifer

Ryan Sandifer
Wednesday, October 4, 2017Learn More About Ryan

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