CEO Alumni Feature: Zachary Mette Looks Bright at New Lighting Showroom

CEO Guest Speakers

Mette Distinctive Lighting is Growing

Zachery Mette, CEO Alum Class of 2015

Zach Mette started his business Mette's Distinctive Lighting at the CEO Trade Show with a 10 x 10 booth. In three years, his showroom has grown to 2000 sq. ft. You can visit Mette's Distinctive Lighting at 308 Airport Road, Effingham or online at  Mette recently graduated with a business management degree from Kaskaskia Community College. He co-partners with his mother Amy Mette to keep up with the growing demand of his lighting services. If you are in need of lighting or need to update your fixtures, please stop by and experience the beautiful showroom of lighting and hardware. This is a great story of how the CEO program has impacted this young man’s life. Zach Mette appreciates the investment that our community made in him to reach success at such a young age. He is a true entrepreneur who has a strong work ethic and a keen eye towards customer service. Effingham County CEO is proud of his accomplishments and wishes him the best in the future. 

Productivity Coach Provides Guidance with Internal Business Commuincations

Teresa McCloy

Slack is an internet app that helps teams of people communicate in an organized way. Teresa McCloy instructed the class on Slack as well as many other forms of communication tools that will be used for the class business. The long emails and dreaded voicemails have their place, but Slack holds the opportunity for improved communication. Slack simplifies communication by having all conversations happen in the same place, helps everyone find the answers they need with advanced search throughout the platform, and streamlines workflow with its compatibility to over 100 apps including word and google drive. Teresa McCloy is a coach whose mission is to help her clients discover how to slow down and stop spinning their wheels, wasting their time being busy but never getting anything done. This can be done by realizing one’s strengths and weaknesses. She encouraged the CEO class to have a problem-solution mindset when situations are not the greatest.

Effingham Convention and Vistiors Bureau

Jodi Thoele

Jodi Thoele from the Effingham Convention and Visitors Bureau shared with the students the behind the scenes work being provided to ensure that people within and outside the community are welcomed to eat, stay & play in the City of Effingham. Mrs. Thoele oversees the marketing and public relations activities to support economic development efforts/tourism for the city.

Be Passionate About What You Do

Wiedman Cleaners: Nathan and Kent Wiedman

"If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life." This was a common theme as the CEO class toured Wiedman Cleaners. Since 1966, the Wiedman family has owned and operated their own dry clenaing business. Kent Wiedman, who now owns the dry cleaning business with his son, Nathan, and sister, Beth, explained that their establishment is held to some of the highest standards in the industry. Honesty, efficiency, and quality are some of the biggest factors in this family's business. The CEO class was blown away at the complexity of this business and how much is put into everything they do every day. The Wiedman family is sure that their customers will walk away happy and ready to come back.

Student Journal Highlights for this week

"On Wednesday, we had our business visit to Weidman Cleaners.  Going into the day, I didn’t know what to think.  I had seen the business countless times driving by, but never really thought anything of it until that day. When we got into the tour, I was blown away.  I especially liked Nathan.  I liked how he was so enthusiastic and passionate about what he does.  As we walked through the store, I was shocked to see all that goes into dry cleaning clothes.  What really stood out to me about Weidman’s specifically was their attention to detail.  I was extremely impressed how they went the extra mile in everything they do to try to take care of your clothes the best way possible."  

Alex Beesley

Alex Beesley
Friday, October 27, 2017Learn More About Alex

"I loved going to Weidman's cleaners on Wednesday. Along with Al’s Tire Mart, I think that that was one of the best tours we’ve been on. All of the effort that has gone into the business for so many years is really amazing. Both of the Weidman’s truly enjoy their jobs, which is something that I hope I can say in 10 or 20 years. They had a lot of good advice for us, and they kept the tour interesting and informative."

Meg Deters

Meg Deters
Friday, October 27, 2017Learn More About Meg

"I would’ve never guessed what went into dry cleaning but after we visited Wiedman's Dry Cleaners, I have a whole new appreciation for it. It is amazing all the steps that there is to the process. Something that I noticed is that they are all about the customers. If they made a mistake, they take care of it or if they can’t they make it right to the customer. I also noticed that they are very family oriented. They love working this their family. It was nice to see that they love what they do and they have a passion to do it. It’s very inspiring and makes me want to find something that I love to do like they did."

Makenzie Koenig

Makenzie Koenig
Wednesday, November 1, 2017Learn More About Makenzie

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