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Scott Kabbes

Starting the company Eaglesoft in his basement in 1993, Scott Kabbes is well known throughout Effingham as a hardworking businessman with an incredible amount of experience. Creating an amazing and fun culture within Eaglesoft and Patterson Technologies, Mr. Kabbes shared his many tips about combining work and fun with the class. He explained the importance of hiring great employees that are trustworthy, and said to take your business very seriously, but not yourself.

Mr. Kabbes also taught the class about the keys to “real” networking, and the true meaning of making a connection with someone. The class can’t wait to receive more of his amazing advice, and looks forward to using it in their future careers.

By: Meg Deters

Annual Thanksgiving Gathering

Current CEO students had the opportunity to meet with mentors, ambassadors, investors, CEO alumni, and other supporters of the program during the Thanksgiving Gathering. Some of the alumni shared about their lives after CEO and how the program impacted their life.

One of the most common topics discussed at the gathering was this year’s CEO Experience.  It was announced at the gathering that the 2018 CEO Experience would be held on March 7th at the Keller Convention Center. The class has worked hard to finalize these details, so that the date can be saved for many of the future guests planning to attend. 

Written by Tyler Higgs

Save the Date for the Upcoming CEO Experience

Wish to Improve Your Networking

Author Harvey Mackay a friend of Scott Kabbes

Scott Kabbes is providing a copy of this book for each student in the class this year. We thought you might be interested in adding it to your reading list too! A special "Thank You" goes out to Mr. Kabbes for this generous gift and valuable content this equips the class of 2018 with about networking. 

Book description:   Harvey Mackay, who taught millions of Americans how to "swim with the sharks without getting eaten alive" now dives deep into the art of which he's grandmaster: networking. Dig Your Well Before You're Thirsty contains Harvey's gold-chip advice, accumulated over a lifetime of business success, on how to build and maintain the network you need. Harvey guarantees you'll never be more than a phone call away from a person in the position to help you get what you want - whether it's the job opportunity of a lifetime or a lifetime partner, the sales prospect of your dreams or the career advice you've only dreamed of. Harvey shows you how to create a network of trusted, valuable contacts that is worth its weight in platinum. Harvey, show you step by step how to get to know the people you need to know; how to keep relationships up-to-date and alive; how to ask for what you need when you need it; how to sparkle in the information age and on the Internet; and how to unlock any door ... anywhere ... at any time. Learn from Harvey's own energizing examples and those he gleaned from world-class networkers like Muhammad Ali, Lou Holtz, Erma Bombeck, Larry King, and Pat O'Brien (Description from Amazon)

Student Journal Highlights for this week

"Oh my! Scott Kabbes is a wealth of knowledge! He is a very engaging speaker and an intelligent man. His story about starting his business on card table was shocking, and his employees taking a risk like they did was brave. This really shows how an idea can change to a million dollar business. This inspires me while I work on my personal business and also my class business."

"Scott Kabbes has been my favorite speaker so far. He has an interesting story and has met so many people in his lifetime. It’s really incredible. I can’t wait to get the book he is having delivered to us."

Claire Gardner

Claire Gardner
Friday, November 24, 2017Learn More About Claire

"The Thanksgiving Gathering reminded me how incredible CEO can be. That morning was full of people from every stage of life. It is easy to forget about all of the people that make CEO happen when we do not see everyone at once. Events like the Thanksgiving Gathering are important for students like myself because they allow us to have fun, but also remind us to not take the program for granted."

Stephen Berg

Stephen Berg
Wednesday, November 29, 2017Learn More About Stephen

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