'Tis the Season of CEO Giving Back to the Community

CEO Guest Speakers

Probst Auto Body

Mark Probst and Toby McMahon

The CEO class had the opportunity to tour Probst Auto Body. Mark Probst told the class about how he grew his reputation and how he started his business. He had to learn how to run a business even though his main skill set had been trained to work on cars. He used this new knowledge to work for his customer’s benefit. Efficiency has been a major key to the growth of Probst’s business. The class was also able to learn about marketing and how it is affected by working with other businesses. The class left with valuable knowledge that will be useful as they work on the Experience and their personal businesses.

Written by Tyler Higgs

Catholic Charities Inspires CEO in this “Season of Giving”

Sister Carol and Sister Sandra

Catholic Charities has worked to assist those in need for over 90 years. The Mission of Catholic Charities is "to extend to all the healing and empowering presence of Jesus." The organization extends this healing presence by offering counseling, emergency housing, food and clothing distribution, and many other services.

Sister Carol and Sister Sandra shared their experiences with being involved in Catholic Charities with CEO students. Inspired by these women, the students joined them in preparing for the “season of giving”. Catholic Charities and staff look forward to extending holiday joy to others this Christmas Season.

Written by Madison Magee

FISH Christmas Store

Molly Bushue

The room was humming as CEO Students had the opportunity to give back to the Effingham Community at the FISH Christmas Store. In only a few days, this charity will serve over two-hundred families in Effingham County. The Christmas store provides toys, coats, household essentials to children of all ages that might have otherwise gone without. CEO Student, Jessica Campos shared, “It’s amazing how many people donate their time to create a program that gives so much hope to countless families. This is what makes the Effingham community such a great place.”

Written by: Truman Rhodes

The Rule of Law

Matt Hortenstine

Attorney Matthew Hortenstine spoke to the class about the importance and duties of lawyers. After clearing up some common misconceptions about attorneys, he gave his advice to those in the class who are seeking a career in law. He revealed the different areas where lawyers are most needed and encouraged them to push themselves to gain as much knowledge from their college experience as they can. Particularly in business, attorneys are needed to help business owners avoid confusion when it comes to the law. The class left with a better understanding of lawyers and the law and where those connect to business.

Written by Tyler Higgs

Student Journal Highlights for this week

"Catholic Charities has been one of my favorite class days. Volunteering is my passion, and I was excited to be able to do that in CEO. I have volunteered for Catholic Charities in the past and was always inspired by their passion for helping others. Sister Carol and Sister Sandra both gave very descriptive tours. Even though I have been involved with the organization, I was unaware of all the services that they provide."

Madison Magee

Madison Magee
Friday, December 8, 2017Learn More About Madison

"We spent our morning giving back and helping set up the FISH Christmas Store. This was an amazing opportunity to help out the volunteers who give up so much of their time throughout the year to help those in need. Being successful in my opinion isn’t how much you have in your bank account but rather how much you give back to the community that gave you so much. This is exactly what helps run the Christmas Store, the people who strive to give back."

Nicholas Martelli

Nicholas Martelli
Wednesday, December 13, 2017Learn More About Nicholas

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