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Attention to Details Are Important When Planning A Community Event

Angie Hartke - Prudential Financial

In planning an event like the CEO Experience with 800 guests expected it is important that everyone has clearly defined the mission or purpose for the day. Angie Hartke has planned several large events such as the Teutopolis 175th Celebration and the upcoming Chamber Business Gala on January 20th. She shared what worked well in building successful teams in making the event a special time for those who attended.

Now that we are about 50 days from the CEO Experience she helped the class feel confident in many of their decisions that they have made and a few they need to pay more attention to as the day draws closer

Ambassadors Provide Focus for the CEO Experience

CEO students had the opportunity to hear from the Ambassadors on the CEO Experience. As March 7th nears, many important decisions are being made from every committee. The Ambassadors used their years of experience to guide each of the committees where they needed it. They spoke to the marketing and sponsorship committees first and then the registration, venue, and speaker committees. Every committee has their work set out for them and through it all the students are learning. Knowledge from the Ambassadors and past reflections on CEO Experiences will help the 2018 CEO Experience on March 7th to be one of the best. You will not want to miss this exciting event. As one of Ambassadors stated, "That there is nothing like this event in Effingham County where the community comes together to learn and network together for a better business outcome for all."  

Written by Tyler Higgs

Kelly Niemerg on College Financing

Kelly Niemerg ~ Lake Land College

Kelly Niemerg presented valuable information to the CEO class on financial aid. Her presentation was tailored for the CEO students and focused a portion of the time on loans. Many CEO students will end up borrowing money, but this presentation warned of the dangers associated with this.

Other topics covered were grants and scholarships. The truth is that each CEO student is unique and will travel all over the country and the world pursuing an education. Kelly devoted time to meeting many students personally and challenged the rest to start thinking about their financial aid more seriously. Despite the fact that she is a representative of Lake Land College, it is obvious that she is passionate about helping all students.

Written by Tyler Higgs

The Equity

Bruce Vernon, Karen Whitt, Robin Brown

The Equity has a brand promise of having the best products, the latest technology, and high quality service. They shared that promise and many examples of it with the CEO students. Bruce Vernon, CEO of Equity, expressed his commitment to the ever-growing company. “Work to ensure safety, and always surround yourself with talented people. We are fortunate to have so many talented people here at The Equity and within our community,” said Vernon.

The Equity is grateful to the community for its support since 1919 and plans to continue to meet the needs of their customers by being an example of their brand promise.

Written by Madison Magee

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