Critical Thinking In Solving Real Business Problems

CEO Business Visits

Vantage Outsourcing

Ann Deters and Vantage Team

This week, the CEO class toured Vantage Outsourcing, learning about what their business is and how they started. The team at Vantage presented the CEO students with four different problems that their company has faced in the past. The students were asked to brainstorm the best solutions to the problems they were faced with and then presented their solutions to their fellow classmates. The other students had the opportunity to poke holes into the plans in order to make them even better and get an outside perspective. 

This was an amazing opportunity for the CEO students to learn how to solve some real life business problems in a team setting.

Written by Megan Hodge 

CEO Experience - Great Breakout on Bridging the Generations in the Workplace

The Rieck’s will present on overcoming challenges of the four different generations in the workforce. As leaders of Express Employment Professionals, the Rieck’s work with their team to match employers with exceptional talent. In this presentation, they will touch on identifying characteristics, issues, conflicts, and contributions of these generations and teach motivation and retention tips specific to the different generations. This breakout is generously sponsored by Taylor Law Offices.

Join us in celebrating the 10th anniversary of CEO at the 2018 CEO Experience on Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at the Keller Convention Center. We have a fantastic lineup of keynote and breakout speakers that will inform our guests of numerous ways to improve their lives and businesses. Each guest will leave with a renewed sense of inspiration and innovation to bring into their lives. Registration starts at 11am and the event lasts from 1pm to 5:45 pm. Read more about our speakers, and purchase tickets by going to Adult tickets cost $50, and student tickets cost $30. Guests will attend two breakout sessions, so please register ASAP before breakout sessions are full. Selection will be decided on a first come, first serve basis.”

Jerry McDaniel Shared Life Lessons On Success and Hardwork

“Money doesn't make you happy, it makes you miserable in a really good place.” This was just one of the many life lessons Jerry McDaniel shared with the class last Thursday. CEO students listened closely as he shared his entrepreneurial roller coaster, from hauling fuel at 16 to starting multiple trucking companies to owning a car wash franchise. McDaniel’s story was an awesome testimony to hard work and dedication.

Written by: Truman Rhodes

Siemer Milling Making Better Food

Rick Siemer and his Team

The CEO class toured Siemer Milling and heard from its CEO, Rick Siemer. The students learned about the evolution of the company and how they differentiate themselves today. The students also got the opportunity to get an in depth look on how they sell their products. Some of the topics discussed were how they sell in the competitive market and how they grow to feed the growing population. It is for these reasons that they are heavily invested in training their employees. Over all, the students valued the great learning experience that they received that day.

Written by Tyler Higgs

Student Journal Highlights for this week

"After hearing Ann Deters talk about finances, I couldn’t wait to see what her business was. We got to tour Vantage Outsourcing this week, and it was an excellent tour. We did a group activity where each group was given a business problem to solve. My group had the supply shortage problem, and we had to figure out how we were going to get more supply and where we were going to store it. It was a unique activity we did, and I realized that every business will run into problems like that. I learned that you just can’t let it happen, you have to take action and do something about it."

"I think that the RTR mission (Respect-Trust-Responsibility) of Siemer’s is a good base of their business. If everyone follows the respect, trust, and responsibility memo, then their company is going to continue to be successful. For our class business, those 3 words are going to be very important. For it to be successful, we need everyone to be on their best game. If everyone is respectful, trustworthy, and responsible, we will have success just like Siemers."

Jillian Allen

Jillian Allen
Tuesday, February 13, 2018Learn More About Jillian

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