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CEO students eagerly shared information about the upcoming CEO eXperience earlier this week with local media. Thank you to our event title sponsor, HSHS St.Anthony Memorial Hospital, for hosting the conference. Avery Elder, chairmen of the marketing team, led the conference and introduced fellow chairmens. Truman Rhodes and Brooke Stuckemeyer announced the list of main speakers and breakout speakers along with the topics that they will be presenting on. Patrick Sherrod and the class also expressed their gratefulness to our many event sponsors. 

Mackenzie, chairmen of registration team, gave details as how to register for the eXperience on March 7th. Register now by clicking the banner at the top of the Effingham CEO website. 

Thank you to all the individuals that attended the media day conference. The class appreciates your assistance in spreading the news about our CEO eXperience and mission of celebrating10 years of innovation and inspiration on March 7th. 

Written by Madison Magee

Does your Business Need To Focus More Attention On Your Social Media

Learn all of the tricks to mastering your company's social media with our amazing breakout speaker, Alexis Teichmiller (CEO Alumni 2011). Miss Teichmiller will show the most efficient ways to target audiences on social media and the best ways to catch their attention. Alexis works for ConvertKit, that does email marketing for professional bloggers, and also runs a blog of her own called Laptop Lifestyle. Her breakout session, "The Art of Social Media: How to use Social Media to Connect with your Ideal Customer" is graciously sponsored by Hodgson Mill.

Join us in celebrating the 10th anniversary of CEO at the 2018 CEO Experience, presented by HSHS St. Anthony's Memorial Hospital on Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at the Keller Convention Center. We have a fantastic lineup of keynote and breakout speakers that will inform our guests of numerous ways to improve their lives and businesses. Each guest will leave with a renewed sense of inspiration and innovation to bring into their lives. Registration starts at 11am and the event lasts from 1pm to 5:45 pm. Read more about our speakers, and purchase tickets by going to Adult tickets cost $50, and student tickets cost $30. Guests will attend two breakout sessions, so please register ASAP before breakout sessions are full. Selection will be decided on a first come, first serve basis.”

South Central FS

South Central FS welcomed the CEO class to tour their business. Joe Meinhart, the CEO, explained to the students what all South Central FS does and what products they have to offer for farmers. The students gained knowledge of the Chicago Trade Board and how it is used. The students were also welcomed at FastStop, the gas station owned by South Central FS. The knowledge that was shared with the students was high quality, and they left the tour knowing more about their business of precision farming data along with financial services, to propane, tires and gas to support our agricultural community. 

Written by Tiffany Gates

The Story Behind Designs Unlimited's Success & Growth

Tina & Scott Brumleve

The CEO class was able to visit Designs Unlimited and hear from its founder, Tina Brumleve. The students were able to hear how the business was started and how it is now running. With so much competition, Designs Unlimited works behind the scenes to give the customer exactly what they want and more. As the business expanded, so did their machines and technology, increasing the quality of their products. The students left with some knowledge from the Brumleves' years of experience and an understanding of the importance of delivering quality products to build customers trust.

Dean Samuel

From facing the wild to opening Samuel Music to overcoming personal hang-ups, Dean Samuel had plenty of stories and knowledge to share with the class on his second visit. Mr. Samuel is not only an entrepreneurial inspiration, but a great role model for those who seek to improve their lives.

Written by: Truman B. Rhodes

Student Journal Highlights for this week

"One thing that stood out to me was South Central FS's vision statement, which is making a difference. That should be the main goal for every business and by doing that they will make our world a better place to live in. Another thing I found quite interesting about the business is that they give out a scholarship to a certain student and will pay for all of their schooling and are guaranteed a job once they graduate college. Not a lot of business do that and that just shows how grateful they are. They also support four different CEO classes now, which also shows how much they give back to the community."

"I love making connections in CEO. I used to find it to be very difficult but it has helped me so much with meeting strangers in the dance world, and before I would always keep to myself. Now I have so many friendships that have formed just from me going up to people and starting that connection. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity."

Wittni Cotton

Wittni Cotton
Friday, February 16, 2018Learn More About Wittni

"Simply finding out that South Central FS wasn’t just the gas station and the area behind it was an eye opener to me. I was not aware of the office space that they had. It was very cool to see the various branches of the business such as the corporate office, the TGM office, the convenience store and gas station. Going into this tour I knew very little about ag in general, but they were all very patient in explaining things to us.The most interesting part of the whole tour in my opinion were the traders. Buying and selling corn, beans, and wheat on the Chicago Board of Trade. I had not even the slightest bit of knowledge about how all of that worked, but they did a great job breaking it down for us, which was not a very simple thing."

Jacob Guy

Jacob Guy
Friday, February 16, 2018Learn More About Jacob

"We had our Media Day where we invite local media outlets to learn about the Experience. We invited 30 different businesses to come, but unfortunately only 5 ended up coming. It was okay though because they have only had that many, or fewer, in the past. The actual event went extremely well, and all of the people my team asked to present did an amazing job. Everything went as planned, and I got to speak to all of the outlets personally. Effingham Daily News ended up writing a story on the front page of the newspaper the next day about it. It was really awesome to see our information getting out to so many people."

Avery Elder

Avery Elder
Wednesday, February 21, 2018Learn More About Avery

"We had the honor of having Dean Samuel speak to us in class at Midland. As far as stories go he has to have some of the most interesting of any speaker this year. What I enjoyed most about Mr. Samuel is that he does not hold back when talking to us, anything is on the table with him and he will answer any question you ask him. He treats you like an adult and expects the best out of you."

Cade Walsh

Cade Walsh
Wednesday, February 21, 2018Learn More About Cade

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