The Proteges Appreciated Mentor Hustle Hour and the Special Mentors They Have Worked Alongside

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CEO Show & Tell Day

The facilitators this year decided to schedule a CEO Show and Tell Day to display all of the students different products or services prior to the Trade Show. The class had their products on tables around the room at Effingham Public Library and everyone had a chance to walk around and learn more about everyone’s businesses.

This is the first year that CEO has done this for the students, when in past years the students only showed their products on Shark Tank Day and at the Trade Show. Doing this gave the students the opportunity to see their classmate’s businesses since they don’t usually get the chance to see them on the day of the Trade Show.  It also launched an excitement for the students to start getting serious to what their individual booth design is going to be weeks before the big show. The class loved doing this, and hope that future classes are given the same opportunity.

By: Meg Deters

Tour of E J Water Cooperative Water Plant

Dean Swingler & Pat Odell

The CEO class visited EJ Water’s Delbert D. Mundt Water Treatment Plant in Beecher City and learned about how water is tested. The students learned about the regulations and concerns that surround water safety. Water safety is very important given recent events in places like Flint, Michigan, but E J Water is leading the industry with their leadership and being known as having the best tasting water in Illinois.

The students were able see all of the equipment used to purify and test their water. Many people in rural areas didn’t have running water until EJ delivered it to them. The class learned much on the tour and was happy about having this unique opportunity to tour this water plant.

Written by Tyler Higgs

The Difference Between Hedging and Speculating

Rick Siemer & Carl Schwinke

CEO Students had the opportunity to hear from Rick Siemer and Carl Schwinke about hedging and speculating future markets. Being such a huge topic that can be difficult to understand, students only got a small glimpse at what it's like to hedge and speculate in the workplace. Mr. Siemer and Mr. Schwinke did a great job covering the topic!

Written by: Truman Rhodes

Mentor Hustle Hour and Breakfast of Champions

As the end of the year approaches, many things are coming to an end. This Friday marked the last mentor hustle hour for the CEO mentors and their proteges. This mentor hustle hour was a little different than past ones. The students and their mentors enjoyed a wonderful breakfast provided by Panera and just visited with each other instead of focusing all their attention on business. This breakfast was the perfect opportunity for the students and their mentors to say goodbye to the hustle hours and enjoy each other's company.

Written by Megan Hodge

YBNext and CEO Join Forces for Fundraiser

Make Dinner Plans With Us!
Please make your dinner plans with your family to come out and support your future business leaders of Effingham County. Both YBNext and CEO will be your servers for the evening.  A huge Thank You goes out to Joe's Pizza and Pasta for sponsoring this event. See you there!

Student Journal Highlights for this week

"My takeaway from the Show and Tell day was that my class is full of several innovative and out of the box thinkers. I can’t wait to see what these people will do in the future."

Avery Elder

Avery Elder
Tuesday, April 10, 2018Learn More About Avery

Rick Siemer and Carl Schwinke from Siemer MIlling presenting on Hedging in the marketplace. 

"I really wasn’t sure what to think of this presentation going in, but it was fascinating. I actually learned a lot about the commodity business that day. Most people have probably heard about commodity markets and futures, but they don’t have any idea what those things mean. This presentation did a good job explaining these concepts, so I could understand the process. There is a lot that goes into that part of the business, and it can get very complicated, but the overall principles are pretty simple and always stay the same. To minimize risk, you always must stay balanced by selling when you buy and buying when you sell." 

Alex Beesley

Alex Beesley
Wednesday, April 11, 2018Learn More About Alex

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