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Attention to Details Are Important When Planning A Community Event

In planning an event like the CEO Experience with 800 guests expected it is important that everyone has clearly defined the mission or purpose for the day. Angie Hartke has planned several large events such as the Teutopolis 175th Celebration and the upcoming Chamber Business Gala on January 20th. She shared what worked well in building successful teams in making the event a special time for those who attended. Now that we are about 50 days from the CEO Experience she helped the class feel confident in many of their decisions that they have made and a few they need to pay more attention to as the day draws closer

The Equity

The Equity has a brand promise of having the best products, the latest technology, and high quality service. They shared that promise and many examples of it with the CEO students. Bruce Vernon, CEO of Equity, expressed his commitment to the ever-growing company. “Work to ensure safety, and always surround yourself with talented people. We are fortunate to have so many talented people here at The Equity and within our community,” said Vernon. The Equity is grateful to the community for its support since 1919 and plans to continue to meet the needs of their customers by being an example of their brand promise. Written by Madison Magee

Ambassadors Provide Focus for the CEO Experience

CEO students had the opportunity to hear from the Ambassadors on the CEO Experience. As March 7th nears, many important decisions are being made from every committee. The Ambassadors used their years of experience to guide each of the committees where they needed it. They spoke to the marketing and sponsorship committees first and then the registration, venue, and speaker committees. Every committee has their work set out for them and through it all the students are learning. Knowledge from the Ambassadors and past reflections on CEO Experiences will help the 2018 CEO Experience on March 7th to be one of the best. You will not want to miss this exciting event. As one of Ambassadors stated, "That there is nothing like this event in Effingham County where the community comes together to learn and network together for a better business outcome for all."   Written by Tyler Higgs

Kelly Niemerg on College Financing

Kelly Niemerg presented valuable information to the CEO class on financial aid. Her presentation was tailored for the CEO students and focused a portion of the time on loans. Many CEO students will end up borrowing money, but this presentation warned of the dangers associated with this. Other topics covered were grants and scholarships. The truth is that each CEO student is unique and will travel all over the country and the world pursuing an education. Kelly devoted time to meeting many students personally and challenged the rest to start thinking about their financial aid more seriously. Despite the fact that she is a representative of Lake Land College, it is obvious that she is passionate about helping all students. Written by Tyler Higgs
Starting the New Year with Big Plans for 2018 http://www.effinghamceo.com/page(0ee9cf59-ebd3-4637-a4c1-5cb5b1418d09)/2018/01/02/Starting-the-New-Year-with-Big-Plans-for-2018-

CEO Experience Keynote

Before graduating from Southern Illinois School of Dental Medicine in 1996, Dr. Rich Bailey was already a budding entrepreneur. Sitting in denture class, he invented his wildly successful “Billy-Bob Teeth“. These novelty chompers have brought laughter to millions and spawned a new global market. His "Billy-Bob Teeth" have been seen on everything from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to Austin Powers, worn by Mike Myers. Dr. Bailey enjoys serving as a small-town dentist in rural North Idaho, and during his time there, he recognized incredible dental needs of senior citizens in nursing homes. Over time, Dr. Bailey innovated new mobile equipment to bring dental care directly to long-term care facilities. His practice is dedicated to better serving these seniors. He believes that in order for any entrepreneur to have a rewarding career, they not only need the skills to create opportunities, but they also need the vision and courage to chart their own course. Learn design principles for creating a career that fits in Dr. Bailey’s keynote address, “Entrepreneurship - Design a Business that Fits”. Join us in celebrating the 10th anniversary of CEO at the 2018 CEO Experience on Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at the Keller Convention Center. We have a fantastic lineup of keynote and breakout speakers that will inform our guests of numerous ways to improve their lives and businesses. Each guest will leave with a renewed sense of inspiration and innovation to bring into their lives. Registration will be available soon on www.effinghamceo.com as well as more information about speakers, schedule, and activities.

Mentor Hustle Hour

Mentor Hustle Hour was powered by entrepreneurial fuel running through the veins of the CEO Class of 2018. It is so exciting to witness the transformation of business ideas already starting to take shape. Several have prototypes and enticing logos to grab the attention of everyone at the May 1st Trade Show. Board member Karen Etter welcomed everyone and provided some guidelines to both the mentors and the protégés on where they should be in their business process. Mrs. Etter also introduced alumni Kaylee Horn (CEO Class of 2017) and Riley Pruemer (CEO Class of 2015) who shared their business discovery process with this year’s students. It was a great morning to ramp up the momentum on everyone’s personal business plan. We are so excited to see what this year’s class brings to the Trade Show this year. A huge thank you goes out to the mentors for their leadership and guidance on this entrepreneurial journey, we call CEO.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year http://www.effinghamceo.com/page(0ee9cf59-ebd3-4637-a4c1-5cb5b1418d09)/2017/12/24/Merry-Christmas--Happy-New-Year

Special Message From the Class of 2018

This is such a special time of year for CEO! It is the perfect time to reflect on all the life lessons we've learned in the past year and make a mental list of everything we are grateful for. With class starting up in January, everyone will return more appreciative of seizing more and more opportunities that come their way. You will not want to miss the big event of "THE CEO EXPERIENCE" on Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at the Keller Convention Center featuring keynote speakers Cordia Harrington, The Bunn Lady/CEO of the Tennessee Bun Company and Dr. Rich Bailey, the creator of the “Billy Bob Teeth”. Both keynote speakers have roots in Effingham County, too! Please mark your calendars and look for more details on how to register for this inspiring, community-wide experience to highlight how innovative our area is in growing and nurturing tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. ]]>
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J & R Collision Centers

The CEO class had the opportunity to tour J & R Collision Centers with Jake Buhnerkempe. Mr. Buhnerkempe taught the class the importance to make your own decisions and to learn from your mistakes. He told the class that it is okay to go from doing one thing, such as fire fighting, to go back to what your dad originally had done, owning an auto body shop. He made sure that the students knew that no matter what mistakes they make, failing is a more effective way of learning. Mr. Buhnerkempe also taught the class to make sure that quality and cleanliness is the biggest concern when owning a business. Written by Tiffany Gates

Industrial Development is Capital Intensive Business with Many Risk

CEO had the privilege of touring Agracel, Inc. with Mr. Dean Bingham, the President of Agracel. He taught the class some very valuable business lessons about networking, assessing risk, and the importance of a SWAT analysis. The class learned that failure can teach you quite a bit and that you have to learn from those failures to make yourself better. They also learned about terms like equity, market value, fixed cost and that Agracel is a LCC business. Mr. Bingham shard the importance of culture in a business. The employees at Agracel treat each other like family, which enhances their work ethic and dynamic. Mr. Bingham had many words of wisdom to share with the class and along with a "Can Do Attitude" in managing the company.  Written by Megan Hodge   

What is Your EQ?

Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, is the capability of people to recognize and understand the emotions of ourselves and others. CEO Students had the opportunity to hear from Jennifer Vahling who will make an appearance as a breakout session at the Experience this March speaking on Hiring. Vahling shared with the class the role that EQ plays in hiring and in job placement. Written by: Truman Rhodes
'Tis the Season of CEO Giving Back to the Community http://www.effinghamceo.com/page(0ee9cf59-ebd3-4637-a4c1-5cb5b1418d09)/2017/12/12/Tis-the-Season-of-CEO-Giving-Back-to-the-Community

The Rule of Law

Attorney Matthew Hortenstine spoke to the class about the importance and duties of lawyers. After clearing up some common misconceptions about attorneys, he gave his advice to those in the class who are seeking a career in law. He revealed the different areas where lawyers are most needed and encouraged them to push themselves to gain as much knowledge from their college experience as they can. Particularly in business, attorneys are needed to help business owners avoid confusion when it comes to the law. The class left with a better understanding of lawyers and the law and where those connect to business. Written by Tyler Higgs

Catholic Charities Inspires CEO in this “Season of Giving”

Catholic Charities has worked to assist those in need for over 90 years. The Mission of Catholic Charities is "to extend to all the healing and empowering presence of Jesus." The organization extends this healing presence by offering counseling, emergency housing, food and clothing distribution, and many other services. Sister Carol and Sister Sandra shared their experiences with being involved in Catholic Charities with CEO students. Inspired by these women, the students joined them in preparing for the “season of giving”. Catholic Charities and staff look forward to extending holiday joy to others this Christmas Season. Written by Madison Magee

Probst Auto Body

The CEO class had the opportunity to tour Probst Auto Body. Mark Probst told the class about how he grew his reputation and how he started his business. He had to learn how to run a business even though his main skill set had been trained to work on cars. He used this new knowledge to work for his customer’s benefit. Efficiency has been a major key to the growth of Probst’s business. The class was also able to learn about marketing and how it is affected by working with other businesses. The class left with valuable knowledge that will be useful as they work on the Experience and their personal businesses. Written by Tyler Higgs

FISH Christmas Store

The room was humming as CEO Students had the opportunity to give back to the Effingham Community at the FISH Christmas Store. In only a few days, this charity will serve over two-hundred families in Effingham County. The Christmas store provides toys, coats, household essentials to children of all ages that might have otherwise gone without. CEO Student, Jessica Campos shared, “It’s amazing how many people donate their time to create a program that gives so much hope to countless families. This is what makes the Effingham community such a great place.” Written by: Truman Rhodes
Hard Work is the Main Ingredient to being Successful in Business http://www.effinghamceo.com/page(0ee9cf59-ebd3-4637-a4c1-5cb5b1418d09)/2017/12/05/Hard-Work-is-the-Main-Ingredient-to-being-Successful-in-Business

Mentor Hustle Hour Energizing Start Up Success

CEO students took advantage of the first Mentor Hustle Hour to dive into their personal businesses with their mentors. While students have been meeting with their mentors and discussing their personal businesses before Friday, this was the first time class time has been taken out to discuss this topic with the mentors. Some students brought in samples of their products while others launched into research for their desired markets. Mentors not only helped and encouraged their students, but also pushed them to make the most out of the unique learning opportunity that these personal businesses are. Written by Tyler Higgs

Patterson Technology's Positive Culture Is State of the Art

Pam Hemmen led the class on a tour through Patterson Technology. One of the main focuses of the tour was the positive culture that was built and is maintained there. While part of this effort is helped by hiring the best employees, the company gets creative by initiating Ideation Days. This is where employees can come up with ideas to make the company better and these ideas are presented on a later date. It was obvious that the employees were valued. The facility had a free gym and a café for the employees. The building itself was designed to take in sunlight, which has been shown to make people feel better. The students left knowing the importance and methods of creating a positive culture within a company or any other institution. Written by Tyler Higgs

Small Town Work Ethic Shared with CEO

In the small town of Beecher City, hard work and service was the theme as students had the opportunity to hear from The First State Bank of Beecher City, The Foodliner, and Rhodes Automotive. The class had the opportunity to see what makes Beecher City a successful place to run a small business that might otherwise would have been overlooked. CEO student Jacob Guy's takeaway, "Never judge a book by its cover. That is the thought that came into my head the entire day after CEO’s first ever visit to Beecher City. The main difference I noticed in these businesses was that they hustle as much, if not more, than any businesses in Effingham County. Whether it be working all but a few hours a day at the Foodliner, or doing literally whatever it takes to ensure your customer is satisfied and back on the road in a timely manner, or creating a personal touch with every person that used their bank, these business owners in Beecher City were COMPLETELY focused on the customers. The personal relationships they are able to build in such a small community are mind blowing to me. When you go to any of these businesses, there is a good chance that everyone at the store knows you and your entire family. They pay special attention to the little details to ensure a personalized and enjoyable experience. My main takeaway from this day was that people fall in love with the personal touch these businesses provide." Ashley Goeckner shared, “Success is not defined by your size. The support of the community is what makes you successful.” Written by: Truman Rhodes

Karen Wolters Inspired Students With Their Own Personal Business Ideas

Karen Wolters is considered the Godmother of CEO. She was the first Chairman of the Board for CEO and is still very committed to the program, which shows through the dedication she gives to each and every student. Mrs. Wolters is a vision of grace, humility, and success. She is an entrepreneur in the greatest sense. Mrs. Wolters taught the class that sometimes the best businesses are the ones that solve a problem that people have in everyday life. For the students who have yet to figure out what they are doing for their personal businesses, this was a great inspiration to begin thinking of business ideas. Mrs. Wolters shared a few of the products she has thought of through the years, the first of which being a device that you could cut into vegetables and make a design. She has made herself extremely successful through taking everyday obstacles and making life more convenient. This week, Mrs. Wolters once again showed that she has been, and always will be a huge inspiration for the students of CEO. Written by Megan Hodge 

Special Alumni Review from Thanksgiving Gathering

It was a great turn out of CEO Alumni who attended our recent Annual Thanksgiving Gathering. A special Thank You goes out to Keith Sutterfield for producing this video to share a few interviews from our alumni. These individuals are the future of our county and are out making a difference from their exposure and influence of our community's investment into their lives.  
CEO Experienced a Week of Networking http://www.effinghamceo.com/page(0ee9cf59-ebd3-4637-a4c1-5cb5b1418d09)/2017/11/29/CEO-Experienced-a-Week-of-Networking


Starting the company Eaglesoft in his basement in 1993, Scott Kabbes is well known throughout Effingham as a hardworking businessman with an incredible amount of experience. Creating an amazing and fun culture within Eaglesoft and Patterson Technologies, Mr. Kabbes shared his many tips about combining work and fun with the class. He explained the importance of hiring great employees that are trustworthy, and said to take your business very seriously, but not yourself. Mr. Kabbes also taught the class about the keys to “real” networking, and the true meaning of making a connection with someone. The class can’t wait to receive more of his amazing advice, and looks forward to using it in their future careers. By: Meg Deters

Save the Date for the Upcoming CEO Experience

Annual Thanksgiving Gathering

Current CEO students had the opportunity to meet with mentors, ambassadors, investors, CEO alumni, and other supporters of the program during the Thanksgiving Gathering. Some of the alumni shared about their lives after CEO and how the program impacted their life. One of the most common topics discussed at the gathering was this year’s CEO Experience.  It was announced at the gathering that the 2018 CEO Experience would be held on March 7th at the Keller Convention Center. The class has worked hard to finalize these details, so that the date can be saved for many of the future guests planning to attend.  Written by Tyler Higgs

Wish to Improve Your Networking

Scott Kabbes is providing a copy of this book for each student in the class this year. We thought you might be interested in adding it to your reading list too! A special "Thank You" goes out to Mr. Kabbes for this generous gift and valuable content this equips the class of 2018 with about networking.  Book description:   Harvey Mackay, who taught millions of Americans how to "swim with the sharks without getting eaten alive" now dives deep into the art of which he's grandmaster: networking. Dig Your Well Before You're Thirsty contains Harvey's gold-chip advice, accumulated over a lifetime of business success, on how to build and maintain the network you need. Harvey guarantees you'll never be more than a phone call away from a person in the position to help you get what you want - whether it's the job opportunity of a lifetime or a lifetime partner, the sales prospect of your dreams or the career advice you've only dreamed of. Harvey shows you how to create a network of trusted, valuable contacts that is worth its weight in platinum. Harvey, show you step by step how to get to know the people you need to know; how to keep relationships up-to-date and alive; how to ask for what you need when you need it; how to sparkle in the information age and on the Internet; and how to unlock any door ... anywhere ... at any time. Learn from Harvey's own energizing examples and those he gleaned from world-class networkers like Muhammad Ali, Lou Holtz, Erma Bombeck, Larry King, and Pat O'Brien (Description from Amazon)
The Wisdom of Seasoned Business Owners http://www.effinghamceo.com/page(0ee9cf59-ebd3-4637-a4c1-5cb5b1418d09)/2017/11/21/The-Wisdom-of-Seasoned-Business-Owners

CEO Ambassadors

Do you ever wish you had a sounding board or someone you could share your ideas with and they would provide you immediate feedback? In CEO, we provide a mentoring group of business people who serve as Ambassadors for the students to use as a focus group for their class business and even their personal businesses. It was an eventful morning by having the Ambassadors rotate among the marketing, sponsorships, registration, venue and speaker search teams. CEO gained a new perspective and rewrote a few of their game plans after consulting with these seasoned contributors who have attended past class business events. A huge thank you goes out to all the Ambassadors for their time and advice given towards this year’s class business plans. 

A Look at Effingham Area Case Studies

Craig Nielson, the President and CEO of the Effingham Regional Growth Alliance, is a wealth of knowledge about Effingham County and all of the businesses in the area. He was very eager to share this information with the CEO class this past week, opening their eyes to many situations in their county. Mr. Nielson engaged the students in case studies that actually applied to problems that businesses in Effingham County have experienced. The students were asked to find ways to solve these problems without knowing if any business had actually gone through them. These cases allowed them to think critically and apply themselves to real life situations they may have to deal with in their professional lives, which is an invaluable skill to acquire. Written by Megan Hodge 

Dean Samuel Brought a Special Guest to CEO

Taking over his family’s company, Samuel Music, Dean Samuel has gained an abundance of experience and knowledge throughout his life. On Tuesday, the Effingham CEO class had the privilege of also hearing from his good friend Dick Blaudow from Advanced Technology Services, Inc. Both men spoke about the wisdom they have gained from their many years working in the business world, and shared their own tricks of the trade with the class. The students learned to take advantage of the opportunities presented to them and not to quit until the job is done. CEO hopes to hear from Mr. Samuel and Mr. Blaudow again and they look forward to using their advice in their own lives and careers. Written by: Meg Deters
Connection with CEO Alumni Motivates Students to Dive into their Personal Business Research http://www.effinghamceo.com/page(0ee9cf59-ebd3-4637-a4c1-5cb5b1418d09)/2017/11/16/Connection-with-CEO-Alumni-Motivates-Students-to-Dive-into-their-Personal-Business-Research

Dan Remmenga

Dan Remmenga, is the external relations director for the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA). Dan is great at what he does and is a confident believer in what his organization is all about. His passion comes from a financial situation experienced by close friends and this motivates his actions at the FGA. Besides his career experiences, Mr. Remmenga spoke to the CEO class on spreading positivity by making others feel important and listening. He also stressed that everyone is different, and those differences are important in understanding others. Dan came in energized and positive and that is exactly how he left the class feeling after his informative and unique talk.

CEO Alumni Talk About Their Journey

One characteristic that connects all past, present, and future CEO students is quality. This was especially apparent to this year's CEO class this past week as CEO alumni Dylan Meadows, Michael Brummer, Zach Mette, and Braydan Bushue presented to them. All four of these successful past students showed that they have taken the values and assets they acquired and learned in CEO and applied them into their own lives and businesses. It was inspiring to hear how each of these men have become up and becoming entrepreneurs in the Effingham and surrounding areas. This allowed the class to understand that you will never stop learning or pushing yourself for the rest of your life. These four men pushed the class to make sure they take nothing for granted and to get the most out of their CEO journeys as possible.   
A Room Filled with Endless Possibilities and Creative Business Ideas http://www.effinghamceo.com/page(0ee9cf59-ebd3-4637-a4c1-5cb5b1418d09)/2017/11/08/A-Room-Filled-with-Endless-Possibilities-and-Creative-Business-Ideas

Burkland Florist and Gifts Now a Gold Crown Hallmark Store

Burklands Florist and Gifts flourishes with creativity and hospitality. For twenty-one years, Kay Spruell has collaborated with her talented staff to design beautiful centerpieces. Burklands recently became a Gold Crown Hallmark store. This is very exciting for those of you who enjoy collecting Hallmark Christmas Ornaments each year.  Every space is covered with the latest Christmas ornaments, glass angels, wind chimes, and more. Mrs. Spruell purchased Burklands when she moved back to her home-town. Kay along with her daughter Shelby Dasenbrock and her talented team maintain the small-town business feel by providing friendly and affordable service. The class enjoyed learning about the display creation process and exploring the store’s many shelves. Burklands plans to continue to brighten the community with colorful flowers and fun Hallmark products. 

Meet Your Mentor Day Arrives with much Anticipation

There was much enthusiasm as the protégés prepared for the next opportunity that CEO offers; their mentors. At this first meeting, the protégés had the opportunity to learn more about the mentor that each was paired with. Throughout the class, the protégé can use their mentor as a sounding board and as a network as they start to brainstorm and create their personal businesses. One student noted, “It was amazing to be able to finally meet our mentors. We have all been excited about this aspect of CEO, and talking to our mentors today brought that excitement to life.”

Blogger, Podcaster & Marketing Ninja

Alexis Teichmiller was in the CEO Class in 2011, where she wrote a book Investing In Human Capital  about her experiences in the program, and has been living out the class’s teachings ever since. After graduating high school, Miss Teichmiller traveled with Mr. Lindvahl to different communities around the country to talk about her book, and was considered the product of CEO. While in college, she began the clothing company A.T. Avenue, and got to see the business world first hand. Since then, she has used this work experience to create her successful career. She now works for an email marketing company called ConvertKit, and runs her own blog and podcast called Laptop Lifestyle. During her time with the class, she taught the students to be personable, and to connect with other business professionals instead of trying to impress them. She made a great impression on the class and inspired all of the students to think about their future careers and businesses.