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SMOOTHIE KiNG Opens In Effingham

Inspiring people to live a Healthy and Active lifestyle is the mission of SMOOTHIE KiNG. A 2015 CEO Alumni Samantha Brandenburger along with her father, Effingham CEO board member, Noah Brandenburger will open their franchise today, October 18th!  It was Samantha who was on vacation with her boyfriends’ family tried a SMOOTHIE KiNG smoothie for the first time and came back to her family and said they should investigate bringing the franchise to Effingham.  SMOOTHIE KiNG is looking forward to having you as a guest!  Make plans to visit their location at 1601 Ford Avenue, Effingham to taste all the delicious and healthy smoothies that provide you numerous blends towards fitness, being slim, and wellness. They even have enhancers that can be added to your smoothie that will help you have an energy boost, increase your fiber, nurture your immune system and help you build muscle. And if you are a health enthusiast who wishes to increase your protein each day, be sure to swing by SMOOTHIE KiNG to drink up your daily dose with great taste and nutrition. The Activator and the Gladiator smoothie would be a great start. Each smoothie is customized, so if you have an ingredient you would like to be removed or added, just let the Team Member who is taking our order know.  SMOOTHIE KiNG- Smoothies with a purpose!  .

CEO Tours Effingham Performance Center

Effingham is so fortune to have the Performance Center as an added value to our community. This venue brings people from St. Louis, Indy, and Champaign to eat and stay at our hotels. Best of all the EPC brings entertainment for all to enjoy a night out listening to great music from Nashville, Comedy from LA, and a place for local artist to share their passion in the arts with our area.  

There Is Only One Word to Describe Mentor Presentation Day - AWESOME

There is something magical about Mentor Presentation Day. Protégés can hear 40 amazing personal journeys from people who live and work in Effingham County. Hearing the twist and turns of how some people moved here from across the country, to those who moved away and could not wait to return to their roots is so interesting. Also, a few did not attend college, but had such an entrepreneurial spirit that the school of hard knocks brought them a prosperous and fulfilling career. We take two days for each of our two classes, so each class listens to 20 personal stories. The 90 minutes of class time flies by with emotion, disclosure of failures/successes and life lessons that molded the people who have stepped up to share the CEO Journey alongside one of our students. It is truly a gift to our program that we have this resource of amazing people to nurture our students. A special thank you goes out to Lucas Wenthe and Karen Etter, CEO board members, for their leadership and direction that they have given to our mentor program this year.
30 Day Reviews, CEO and CFO Selected for 2018 Class Business http://www.effinghamceo.com/page(0ee9cf59-ebd3-4637-a4c1-5cb5b1418d09)/2017/10/05/30-Day-Reviews-CEO-and-CFO-Selected-for-2018-Class-Business

Board Interviews Candidates for CEO's and CFO's

Since we see the CEO class as a business, the board interviewed each candidate for CEO and CFO. This was also a great opportunity for them to experience how an interview is conducted and provide confidence for them as they prepare for college scholarship, summer internships and future interviews. This year’s CEO’s are Nicholas Martelli and Ashley Goeckner. The CFO’s are Patrick Tkachuk and Claire Gardner. Also, they will have access to a CEO and CFO mentors besides their mentor they have chosen in CEO. Special thanks go out to John Perles from Momentum Builders, Inc. and Andy Vogt from Kemper CPA Group, both CEO Investors, for their mentorship and direction. This extra layer of resources provides them counsel in these important positions for the class business. As plans progress, we look forward to sharing what the class business will be for Effingham County.

Imagine This Marketing Group Shares the Four P's

When Effingham County CEO business Investors were asked, "what area within their business they would like additional direction?" many of them responded that marketing and social media were an ever-ending challenge. Now that the students are starting their class business they are also asking questions on how to market their conference and the best strategy for reaching the most people with social media. Deana Nuxoll with Imagine This Marketing Group presented the 4 P’s of marketing: product/service, placement, price, and promotion. She said to test your mix! Once you have a well-defined marketing mix, test the overall offer from the customer’s perspective. She emphasized to evaluate your marketing mix and consider things like market maturity, marketplace competition, and changing consumer demand

CEO 30 Day Review

When you start with a company they usually give you a 30-day review to make sure the onboarding and general protocol have been established. We in CEO refer to our class as a business. We ask the question, if our guest were asked to do business with us, would they wish to do so? Do we exemplify the CEO brand in all we do each day when we go on business tours? Do we welcome guest speakers and communicate within the class like a strong company would do each day? Mrs. Sayers and Mrs. Teichmiller provided each student with a self-assessment for each student to complete and had them provide their own personal mission, vision and personal values. They then had them share where they felt they had grown in the first 30 days and where do they wish to be in the next 70 days. We referred to this as their stretch goal. And we all know that if a goal does not require some sacrifice or action, not much growth happens. There are approximately 170 days in a CEO journey and we want out students to reach high and dream big in this time span. The facilitators gained so much value from this review and the feedback from the students has been very positive. It helped provide areas where CEO needs to schedule specific speakers and tours to provide direction to support many of their stretch goals towards success.
Missions, Visions & Self-Awareness http://www.effinghamceo.com/page(0ee9cf59-ebd3-4637-a4c1-5cb5b1418d09)/2017/10/01/Missions-Visions--Self-Awareness

How To Have Success With A Mentor

CEO board members Lucas Wenthe and Karen Etter provided guidance and set clear expectations on how to be an effective protégé. They emphasized how the protégé drives the relationship and provided great tips such as when they meet with their mentor, they should set a date for the next meeting before they leave. Mentor presentations will be in two weeks and the protégés are eager to hear them share their story and why they wish to be a CEO mentor. The class is looking forward to the coming Mentor Hustle Hours where they can start discussing their personal business with their mentor.

Midland Institute Shares Kristen Hadeed's Successful Business Startup

CEO had the opportunity to watch a video discussion where Kristen Hadeed, founder of Student Maid talk about the lessons she learned while starting up her own business and the setbacks she faced. Mrs. Hadeed was a college student who wanted to buy a pair of blue jeans and cleaned a house to make that happen. But from this desire, a business was born when she put an ad in the paper to clean houses and before she knew it she was cleaning a lot more houses than she had originally planned. Mrs. Hadeed had always loved the business world and the idea of running her own company. She was also passionate about leadership and those she led she wanted to invest into their lives as they worked for her company. She said you should force yourself out of your comfort zone to lead you to new opportunities that you may have never realized. She also explained to us that it is okay to mess up sometimes if you learn from your mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes, but if you recover from them and learn from them, you will be okay. She has written her first book Permission to Screw Up that comes out this October.

CEO Attends Vision 2020 Breakfast

The Effingham County Chamber extended an invitation to CEO to attend their Community of Excellence Vision 2020 Breakfast at the Beecher City High School gym. It was a wonfderful opportunity for them to expand their network and to meet the business community who attended the breakfast. 

Life With A Mission And Vision Help CEO Look To The Future

"People are more capable than they realize", said John Perles from Momentum Builders, Inc. Mr. Perles helped CEO write their personal mission and vision statements. This helped them determine who they are and where do they wish to go. He used the analogy that the mission is the road you travel, vision is your destination and what you value is your guardrails. He continued to talk to the class that their life is also a business. We all walk around with a personal brand and if asked what would it broadcast about you? Life takes action and true growth comes from hard conversations along with honesty and self-awareness. This was perfect timing since the facilitators conducted a 30-day review with each student, much like you have when you start with a company. Each student shared their mission and vision, as well as a self-assessment asking for their stretch goals in the next 70 days. This will place our students at the 100th day on their CEO journey.  
Life Lessons http://www.effinghamceo.com/page(0ee9cf59-ebd3-4637-a4c1-5cb5b1418d09)/2017/09/21/Life-Lessons-

Content Marketing

Austin Brooks from Midland Institute of Entrepreneurship told the class he is a relationship builder and connector between the older generations and generation Z's. He feels this gives him an edge in business and working with his clients. He challenged the students with many questions.  Can video marketing have an impact on your brand and if so, what would be the ROI?  How valuable is visual narrative? He stressed that marketing is no longer about the products you make, but the stories you tell. We live in a world inundated with marketing and social media noise. So, what can your company do to cut through the chatter?  Mr. Brooks said good marketing solves a problem. And the biggest walk away was not how many likes you had, but how many shares did your post provide your business.  

May I Borrow Your Shoes, Please? One Man’s Journey of Lessons Learned

Steve Witges, CEO Chairman shared his story and some of his best Life Lessons. He started out by saying, “When you find yourself in a rut, take action”. Learn to accept constructive criticism and accept responsibility for your actions. His humorous stories along with deep reflection helped the students gain a new perspective on not to compare themselves with others, talk negative or worry. He left the class with one final point and that was never underestimate the impact of being kind. CEO principles of doing the right thing, being on time, being present and respectful of others was strongly encouraged from the wise advice of Mr. Witges. We appreciate the time he devotes to CEO and his personal investment from his life into our students. 
Class Business Discussions Starting http://www.effinghamceo.com/page(0ee9cf59-ebd3-4637-a4c1-5cb5b1418d09)/2017/09/13/Class-Business-Discussions-Starting

CEO Visits Their Fiscal Agent

In year’s past, CEO had the Southeastern Illinois Foundation visit class, but this year CEO went to the Foundation. This decision truly set a clear understanding of how CEO and the Foundation are connected. Joedy Hightower used the walls of their conference room to show the class how CEO is funded and how the class business is managed through their office. This allowed the students to see first-hand that the foundation is just not an obscure piece in our CEO program. An this onsite visit provided an opprortunity for them to meet the people who manage the class funds. Connie Lilly also shared the various forms the class will need to process for turning in sponsorships and expenses. Mrs. Lilly also urged the students to develop a budget for their class business and gave sound advice to help them see the importance of objective evidence in accounting. CEO appreciates all that Mrs. Hightower and Mrs. Lilly do for our CEO Program.

Mystery Greeter Day

Mystery Greeter Day is just as it states. It is when guests are invited to class to test out the student’s soft skills. This presents an opportunity for the students to meet people they do not know for the first time. It also allows the facilitator insight to see if more additional work is needed in this area, so their students feel confident and eager to master this important skill in the early months of being in CEO. We must admit that both classes start out with hesitation, but once they knew that our guest were there to meet them, they rose to the occasion and did very well. I think even a few of our guests were caught off guard by the students being so surprised about how many guests attended class that day. A special thank you to all the participants who helped CEO with developing our student’s soft skills of meeting others. It was a lively discussion after everyone met. Our guests then took time to share their best practices when they are meeting people as well. They all agreed that no matter how many times you walk into a room of people you do not know, that there is a little fear in all of us, if we were being totally truthful about this in life. It was great to hear this from our guests and to share that we are always evolving in developing ourselves in the art of interacting with others.

Al's Tire Mart and Electronics

CEO was truly energized by their tour at Al’s Tire Mart and Electronics. They enjoyed the teamwork displayed between Joe Knabe, Blake Weber and Seth Wilson as they shared their passion and plans of their company. As you can imagine, the technology this tour bought to the attention of the students was so exciting. A credit card slim size TV, Alexa, and all the connected devices that this generation views as common as air motivated CEO to know and learn more. Even the liquid glass that you can put over your phone screen is now a must for them all when they purchase their next phone. It is no doubt that Al's Tire Mart Team saw their future customers staring back at them. The weekly journals mentioned that items seen on this tour were going to be on their Christmas list this year. 

CEO Works at Mid-America Corvette FunFest

CEO volunteered to help Mid-America Corvette with their FunFest by having a work day folding shirts, setting up tables, chairs and connecting lanyards for their attendees. They had heard earlier from Tom Wright on the Wright's Furniture tour on how important it is to give back to your community and one way that is possible is through being a volunteer.  On the day of FunFest the students helped with all kinds of needed tasks such as folding bought merchandise at checkout points, serving pepsi, working at Corvette Headquarters and ticket takers at the concert. 
Building Relationships In Business is Key http://www.effinghamceo.com/page(0ee9cf59-ebd3-4637-a4c1-5cb5b1418d09)/2017/09/13/Building-Relationships-In-Business-is-Key

Making You Wright at Home

CEO enjoyed hearing the 127-year-old family business history of Wright's Furniture and Flooring. CEO appreciated the advice Tom Wright gave them about the importance of being a volunteer in their community and his personal passion behind his involvement building the business through the years. John Wright shared that he wished he could have experienced something like CEO when he was 17 and was appreciative that his two children were in CEO. Both Tom and John Wright provided CEO a wonderful tour that not only allowed the students to walk through their beautiful showroom, but talked about building relationships with their customers, how social media was impacting their business and how successful their floor covering has covered the miles and miles of their residential and commercial clients. The class was also able to meet Karen Brumleve their Sales Manager who does a wonderful job building relationships with clients who return again and again for her design advice and expertise.  Be sure to check out the video at the top of this post on their unique table currently on their showroom floor that goes from a table to a bookshelf in seconds. They also have a design showroom in Effingham called Wright At Home Interiors. 

Art of Thank You Notes

Madalaine McDaniel gave excellent details on how to write a Thank You note. In CEO, we talk about the importance of being grateful and one way we demonstrate this is through sending a Thank You note to our speakers and business tour guides. Mrs. McDaniel said that this is a great business tool that will set you apart and a great way to build business relationships too! She was encouraged by her mother from the time she was a young girl to write Thank you notes to others throughout her life. We are thrilled that she took this art of writing to heart, so she could share it with CEO.  Please check out her website www.LakesideTable.com. You will enjoy her delicious recipes and beautiful blog posts. 

CEO Greeters at Kick Off to Education Breakfast

CEO served as greeters for the Effingham County Chamber Kickoff To Education Breakfast held last week at the Keller Convention Center. The timing of this invitation could not have been more perfect, since CEO has been spending the last two weeks working on hand shakes and eye contact. Attending this event provided a wonderful venue for students to step out of their comfort zone and meet the community of Effingham County. A few students where even able to speak with their elementary teachers who attended the breakfast. Kaleb Whitt from the 2018 CEO Class led the pledge to start the morning program.  A huge thank you goes out to the Effingham Chamber for inviting our classes to greet those who are making a difference in our schools and community. 
Badge Business Begins, CEO Board Visits Class & First Business Tour http://www.effinghamceo.com/page(0ee9cf59-ebd3-4637-a4c1-5cb5b1418d09)/2017/09/07/Badge-Business-Begins-CEO-Board-Visits-Class--First-Business-Tour-

CEO Board Presents To CEO

The CEO Board Chairman Steve Witges addressed the class on the main responsibilities of the CEO Board. He said the board’s focus is the Mission of CEO and making decisions that will further advance the mission for years to come. He shared that culture is a huge contributor to a company’s success and so it is the same for our CEO Program too. He was flanked by Board Co-Chairman Noah Brandenburger, Karen Etter and Lucas Wenthe. They used the analogy that CEO is a business by sharing that the Board was the Board of Directors, the CEO Facilitators were the managers and the employees are our 40 students. And he made a point that our 110 Investors are our preferred customers. The board shared their personal passion for CEO and what their history had been as not only being on the board, but how they were mentors, ambassadors and investors to the program too. They all felt that the personal development that comes from this class is a gift and if a student does not take full advantage of the opportunities given, that it was their loss. They stressed that being on time, professional and ready to take on challenges was what CEO taught our students well before they headed out into the business world. The students are looking forward to attending a CEO Board meeting in the near future

First Business Tour Was A Great Success

The Y-Yard Auto and Truck, Inc. is in its 47th year of business. The students were amazed by the complex business model this company represents. This company prides itself on great customer service and developing a great culture for their employees. Kelly Roepke set the standard high when it comes to CEO taking a business tour. The mission statement up on the office wall states that “Together They Achieve More” along with Respect, Teamwork, & Communication. CEO heard about OEM which means Original Equipment Manufactured along with replacement parts, recycled original parts and after-market parts. In the first 48 hours after a vehicle arrives they do a complete inventory of it and use an estimator software filter that is connected into other companies. Their customers expect quality and efficient delivery. She shared their color coded logistic game plan in making sure their deliveries are not only on time, but they provide communication to the customer alongside the process.

The Importance of Business Etiquette

Did you know that there is no such thing as a short sleeve shirt in the professional world of business attire? Mr. Erskine shared with the class that when you dress for success it is more to make others feel comfortable and important. He also impressed upon CEO that there is more to business etiquette than dressing the part. Here are few areas he covered that have nothing to do with how you dress, but more of how you take action: Answer emails immediately Remember people's names Don't interrupt people in conversations Say "hello" and not "hey" Send Thank you notes Take your sunglasses off when you meet people Have a great posture, set up straight Stand up when you are meeting someone or being introduced Proof your emails before you hit send Mr. Erskine said that setting yourself apart in the business world is a continuous process and we never fully arrive. With this being said, we should always present ourselves with our very best everyday of our lives. 

CEO Debriefing On American Obstacle & PDP

In CEO, it is easy to experience many opportunities, but it is equally important that you have debriefings on the things you are experiencing and take time to discuss as a class your discoveries. The trip to American Obstacle was truly magical on so many levels. We as a class prior to visiting this leadership and teambuilding day shared their PDP results that they had taken over the summer. We then had name tags with their dominant trait displayed and formed our teams by design from the PDP results. It is one thing to talk about personality traits, but truly another to see them acted out in real-life scenarios where you experience the outcome of working with a dominate, extrovert, pace/patience and conformity. It also brought the students closer together in a very short time with the teambuilding exercise American Obstacle put together to work with our four personality types. Many of the students commented that this is a must for next year’s class. The day spent recapping all the life lessons they learned from the exercises they did together was time well spent and built a great foundation when they start to work on their class business. Mrs. Sayers put together a wonderful music video to capture the day’s bonding and critical thinking that took place deep in the woods. The best part is the students walked away from this day knowing each other and themselves on a deeper level.
CEO Focusing On Soft Skills http://www.effinghamceo.com/page(0ee9cf59-ebd3-4637-a4c1-5cb5b1418d09)/2017/08/23/CEO-Focusing-On-Soft-Skills

The Art of Conversation

When we have the gift of Bob Schultz attending class personally to talk to the students, we know that our week in CEO is going to be extra special. Mr. Schultz started out the class by saying, "You will never have a class like this in your lifetime". That the soft skills alone were worth $100,000, if implemented them into their everyday life. That could be four semesters of college! Also, the power of a smile to another person can impact them in ways you will never know and challenged the class to make that a daily goal to make others smile throughout their day. Mr. Schultz is a wonderful story teller and provided a great example of using the structure of a house to build a conversation around and how to use these tools to encourage conversation with someone you just met. He also covered the SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) with the students, so when they go on Business Tours they have questions from this tool to ask business owners. 

Leadership and Teambuilding at American Obstacle

Are you familiar with the Robert Frost poem that says Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference?   Effingham CEO spent the day deep into the woods at American Obstacle bonding and developing their team. The day was spent building teams with each group strategizing the best way to get their team to stay afloat in a canoe exercise, experienced a huge man made spider web challenge where had to get all their team members through without touching the web in a set amount of time and team laser tag.  The variety of activities lead to deep discussions on working as a team and getting the most out of their CEO journey.  These moments of teambuilding and sharpening leadership skills brought new insight such as everyone on the team might have the answer, but may not all arrive at the solution the same way. Isn't that the way companies tackle business issues as they grow and build their companies alongside their employees? Out in the woods the students learned about themselves and their teammates through failure and experienced success in meeting the challenges set before them.  A few teams did not want to get back on the bus until they had another attempt to master the challenge. Many participants shared that the day at American Obstacle provided a great experience working as a team and they left with a stronger bond with the class.  The day was possible thanks to an Endowment from the Siemer Milling Company. We are grateful for the Siemer Milling Company's commitment to providing grants to organizations implementing programs that challenge and inspire youth to develop leadership skills.   

CEO Has Many Personality Types

Having awareness of your personality trait is of such great value to you in business and in life. In CEO the students took a personality test over the summer and in the first week of class we discussed their individual results. We took this a step further and had them share their outcome with their classmates. The initial relationship building that has resulted from this information has bonded this year's class in a whole new light. The students found out if their most prominant trait was dominant, extroversion, pace/patience or conformity. This provides the student insight into their basic/natural self - traits, interests, communication style and key action tips they should lean into for building successful relationships in their lives.  Having this prior knowledge about their classmates provides them the tools to work together well when they start building their class business.

Do You Know How To Introduce a Guest Speaker?

CEO was honored to have Bev Soltwedel, a lifelong learner, mentor and ambassador in our CEO family instruct the class on "How to Make a Wonderful Introduction". She is a member of the Effingham Toastermasters and has earned her Advanced Communicator and Leader Bronze Award.   Mrs. Soltwedel shared with the class the four main parts for “How to Introduce a Guest Speaker”. First, you need to prepare and learn information about the speaker. Second, the purpose is to inform the audience of the topic and how it is relevant to gain their attention. Third, is to practice, practice, and practice. Fourth, present with engaging body language where you stand tall and smile as you scan the audience. The students are introducing our speakers throughout the coming year. This preparation will provide them opportunities for future speaking engagements, if asked to speak on behalf of CEO or for future opportunities in their life. We want to send out a warm Thank You Mrs. Soltwedel for an outstanding presentation in preparing our students. She ask them to step out of their comfort zone on the second day of class and they responded well to the request. Several mentioned that this push gave them confidence to now ask questions in class and to meet others they did not know. It starts with tiny steps when it comes to growing one's confidence. The outcome is you have to start being "Uncomfortable with being uncomfortable" as Cade Walsh shared in his journal this past week. 
Meet the CEO Class of 2018 http://www.effinghamceo.com/page(0ee9cf59-ebd3-4637-a4c1-5cb5b1418d09)/2017/07/21/Meet-the-CEO-Class-of-2018-

Summer Update on The CEO Class of 2017

The Trade Show was back in May, but several of the students from the 2017 CEO Class have continued great strides with their businesses over the summer. We hope you enjoy this quick snap shot of their progress. Arianna Kopplin completed her CEO businesses event, The Royal Ball in June. The day was truly magical for all the children that attended. The children participated in several activities including learning a dance, taking a carriage ride and meeting the royalty. Arianna appreciates everyone who volunteered their time to help make it a success for the charity, Fear Nothing. The event was a great learning experience for her and she is excited to use her skills received from CEO to benefit her in her future education and career. Arianna is continuing her education at Missouri State University where she will be studying Entertainment Management. Jacob Bushue, recently presented Meghan Rewers, the CEO of Crisis Nursey of Effingham County, with a $120 check. The money came from the proceeds he raised at the recent CEO Trade Show selling water bottles designed to raise awareness for the Crisis Nursery’s mission. Kiersten Goodman was asked by WBGL to be on their Morning show. She was able get her name out on the air and received positive feedback from her interview. Over the summer she brought her book to Oil Belt and had youth groups read out of them together. She just returned from a mission trip where she led a devotional time each night with her team. In the beginning of her business journey, she originally ordered 300 books. After selling these, she is ordering more as she begins her speaking tour to different churches each week to talk about her book, Kiersten wants to encourage people and teach them how to incorporate God into their life each day by reading her daily devotional. She wrote this devotional to help people with their faith and to help them dig deeper. If you are interested in checking out her book, please contact Kiersten on Facebook @PlugintoEternity. CEO wishes the Class of 2017 great success as they head towrds their future endeavers this fall! 

The Board Shared the CEO Culture To The Incoming Students

It is always an exciting evening for the incoming CEO class and their parents to attend the CEO Orientation. This year the bar was raised on the importance of the CEO Culture and how this impacts the success of each student’s journey. Mr. Dwight Erskine, Mrs. Karen Etter and Mr. Bill Fritcher were the main speakers covering CEO expectations such as dress code, being on time, and doing your best everyday. The evening was not complete without hearing from our alumni Madeline Aherin and Samuel Childerson from the Class of 2017. They were in the seats of our incoming students over a year ago. Sam encouraged next year’s class to ask questions and now looking back he wished he had asked even more questions than he did. Heidi Thoele from the CEO Class 2014 shared that the class helped her to be more outgoing and without this program she would not be who she is today. It helped her to set higher goals for herself in college and in life. Each year we have a CEO Investor share why they invest in CEO. Chuck Deters from Dieterich Bank gave a wonderful testimony illustrating the possibilties of past, present, and future classes returning to our community.  The evening concluded where the students met with their facilitators Mrs. Sayers and Mrs. Teichmiller while the parents were engaged in a Q&A session with the Board, Alumni, and Alumni parents to answer any concerns that they may have for the coming year. It is going to be an exciting year ahead that begins Monday, August 21st.
CEO Class of 2017 Finishes Strong http://www.effinghamceo.com/page(0ee9cf59-ebd3-4637-a4c1-5cb5b1418d09)/2017/05/10/CEO-Class-of-2017-Finishes-Strong

Personal Businesses Come Alive At CEO Trade Show

The 9th Annual Trade Show at the Keller Convention Center received huge support from the community. All the preparation and energy the students created for their personal business came to life as each student greeted potential customers who were interested in their products and services.  Dustin Gurley won the 2017 John H. Schultz Scholarship. This was created in memory of John H. Schultz and his wife Fran, an Effingham area entrepreneur and businessman. It was presented by their son Bob Schultz to Dustin as a $1,000 annual scholarship. Sidney Webster and Alex Denoyer were voted on by their CEO peers as "Entrepreneurs of the Year". Congratulations to Dustin, Sidney, and Alex. They each had an entrepreneurial attitude throughout their journey alongside their peers. Each week in CEO, they were asking questions, eager to meet guests who visited the class, and when given an expectation would exceed what was expected.  It was a wonderful evening showcasing all of the student's personal businesses.  This year demonstrated so many creative and well thought out business plans. Everything that the CEO Journey processed over the past eight months provides the Trade Show with so much energy. We wish the CEO Class of 2017 continued success in all their future endeavors.

CEO Investor Breakfast Was Well Attended

The attendance at the CEO Investor Breakfast was outstanding despite the heavy rain. The Firefly Grill prepared a delicious breakfast and the networking between students and investors at the end of their CEO Journey was the perfect last chapter. Steve Witges, CEO Chairman presented 36 CEO Founder Investors with appreciation awards for their 10 year investment into the Effingham County program. He also honored Kent Probst, retiring CEO Facilitator, with a Crystal Award recongnizing his years of dedication in building the next generation of business leaders for Effingham County. This breakfast event also allows the students to share their personal journey and to say thank you to our investors. Many of the investors commented that hearing the personal stories and meeting the students provides evidence that their investment is impacting our future with strong business leaders for our county. A big thank you goes out to Niall Campbell and his team in making our morning so special. 

Last Day of CEO (Cincinnati Reds Stadium Tour)