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HSHS St. Anthony Hospital

CEO students had the pleasure of touring HSHS St. Anthony’s Memorial Hospital. The students had the privilege to see first hand some of the inner workings of the hospital and the day to day routine of a few of the employees. It was amazing to see the amount of technology that is now being incorporated into everything the hospital staff is doing. It was also very interesting to see how large and successful St. Anthony’s has grown despite being in a small town. Like many businesses in the community, they use being in a small town to their advantage and it ends up helping them a lot. The CEO students really enjoyed getting to tour their main event sponsor for the CEO Experience!

Spring 2018 Community Excellence Breakfast

Jerry Tkachuk, principal of Altamont High School, led the Spring 2018 Vision 2020 Breakfast. The Effingham Chamber of Commerce was proud to announce the creation of the Effingham Regional Career Academy (ERCA). The ERCA is a partnership with the Effingham County Chamber of Commerce, Effingham County Schools, Local Governments, Area Employers, Lake Land College and the Illinois State Board of Education working together to help students and adults gain the skills and knowledge needed to secure and advance in high-demand area jobs. Guests also heard from guests speakers Norma Lansing, President and CEO of Effingham County Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Josh Bullock, President of Lake Land College, and Dave Frederking, Altamont businessman and community leader. As they have for the last 20 years, the Vision 2020 committee is continuing to work towards improving our community and living through their mission of “building dreams for the future.” Written by Madison Magee

Reds - Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Play Ball! CEO Students got the once in a lifetime opportunity to tour and job shadow at the Great American Ballpark, the home of the Cincinnati Reds. This opportunity was made possible to the class after founder, Craig Lindvahl, produced Let's Get Ready to Win. It was a film that highlighted the behind-the-scenes work that make such a massive business operation possible and had asked that his payment be the opportunity of future CEO classes to tour the park. From ticket booth, field, and one on one interaction with players, each student had a unique opportunity to see what it takes to make baseball possible. It is more than just a baseball game, it is all business behind the scenes.  Written by: Truman Rhodes

E J Water Cooperative is Helping Communities Grow

The class got to visit EJ Water in Dieterich and hear from Bill Teichmiller, CEO of EJ Water Cooperative, Inc. He told the class about the business’ start as well as how he got involved and what he does today. The business is constantly growing and innovating, even thinking about the next fifty years of the company. They started by solving a problem and their growth is focused on solving more of these problems. When they began, it was giving people in the country access to running water. Now they are finding ways to give these same people access to high speed internet, which is becoming a necessity in a world growing more connected. The class gained a lot of wisdom and perspective from Mr. Teichmiller's life lessons of failures and successes.  Written by Tyler Higgs

Koerner Distributor's New Building Is Amazing

Koerner Distributor Inc. was started in 1982, and has grown to become one of the largest beverage distributors of beer, wine, liquor and non-alcoholic beverages in Illinois. In class, the students had the chance to hear from one of the family members Jordan Koerner that works for the business now, and they also had the opportunity to tour the facility and see the immense amount of product that the company distributes. They learned a lot about how the business began, and they also learned about the different struggles and challenges that the business has gone through to become what it is today. This gave them an idea of just how hard it is to create such a successful business, and also helped them learn some techniques to help in their own personal businesses. By: Meg Deters
The Proteges Appreciated Mentor Hustle Hour and the Special Mentors They Have Worked Alongside http://www.effinghamceo.com/page(0ee9cf59-ebd3-4637-a4c1-5cb5b1418d09)/2018/04/08/The-Proteges-Appreciated-Mentor-Hustle-Hour-and-the-Special-Mentors-They-Have-Worked-Alongside---

YBNext and CEO Join Forces for Fundraiser

Please make your dinner plans with your family to come out and support your future business leaders of Effingham County. Both YBNext and CEO will be your servers for the evening.  A huge Thank You goes out to Joe's Pizza and Pasta for sponsoring this event. See you there!

The Difference Between Hedging and Speculating

CEO Students had the opportunity to hear from Rick Siemer and Carl Schwinke about hedging and speculating future markets. Being such a huge topic that can be difficult to understand, students only got a small glimpse at what it's like to hedge and speculate in the workplace. Mr. Siemer and Mr. Schwenke did a great job covering the topic! Written by: Truman Rhodes

Mentor Hustle Hour and Breakfast of Champions

As the end of the year approaches, many things are coming to an end. This Friday marked the last mentor hustle hour for the CEO mentors and their proteges. This mentor hustle hour was a little different than past ones. The students and their mentors enjoyed a wonderful breakfast provided by Panera and just visited with each other instead of focusing all their attention on business. This breakfast was the perfect opportunity for the students and their mentors to say goodbye to the hustle hours and enjoy each other's company. Written by Megan Hodge

Tour of E J Water Cooperative Water Plant

The CEO class visited EJ Water’s Delbert D. Mundt Water Treatment Plant in Beecher City and learned about how water is tested. The students learned about the regulations and concerns that surround water safety. Water safety is very important given recent events in places like Flint, Michigan, but E J Water is leading the industry with their leadership and being known as having the best tasting water in Illinois. The students were able see all of the equipment used to purify and test their water. Many people in rural areas didn’t have running water until EJ delivered it to them. The class learned much on the tour and was happy about having this unique opportunity to tour this water plant. Written by Tyler Higgs

CEO Show & Tell Day

The facilitators this year decided to schedule a CEO Show and Tell Day to display all of the students different products or services prior to the Trade Show. The class had their products on tables around the room at Effingham Public Library and everyone had a chance to walk around and learn more about everyone’s businesses. This is the first year that CEO has done this for the students, when in past years the students only showed their products on Shark Tank Day and at the Trade Show. Doing this gave the students the opportunity to see their classmate’s businesses since they don’t usually get the chance to see them on the day of the Trade Show.  It also launched an excitement for the students to start getting serious to what their individual booth design is going to be weeks before the big show. The class loved doing this, and hope that future classes are given the same opportunity. By: Meg Deters
Giving Back to the Community http://www.effinghamceo.com/page(0ee9cf59-ebd3-4637-a4c1-5cb5b1418d09)/2018/04/04/Giving-Back-to-the-Community

Excellent Panel on the Importance of Giving Back to the Community

CEO students were inspired by a panel of amazing individuals that dedicate their time to helping our community. The panel included Ron Mietzner with American Cancer Society, Melissa Willenborg with 100+ Women Who Care, Aaron Myers with Harmony Playground, and Alex Wright with YBNext. Each of these people shared their stories of how they became involved with the volunteer organizations and spoke about how important it was to volunteer.  All four people on the panel said a similar message, "Find what you have a passion for and work to create that passion into something to benefit our community." Whether it be building a playground, organizing events for cancer research and assistance, raising money for non-profit organizations, or growing the next generation of leaders, each of us can volunteer our time and efforts. By doing so, anyone, alike to the panel, has the ability to benefit our community. Please come out and support YBNext and Effingham CEO on Monday, April 23rd as they join forces for a fundraiser at Joe's Pizza and Pasta from 5:00 - 8:00 PM.  We hope you will make your dinner plans with us.   Written by Madison Magee

CEO Visited Gilmore Acres

Goats, Cows, Lotion, and Soap. You may be wondering how all these might be related. At Gilmore Acres, CEO students had the opportunity to see first hand how Lynn Wolff and her family bring goats and soap together. With products ranging from mechanics scrub to, you guessed it, goat soap! From insurance to production, Lynn shared with us the risk management and production of her unique products. Written by: Truman Rhodes

CEO Prepares For Their Trade Show Booth Design

The CEO students had the privilege of meeting with Patty Greene to discuss Trade Show Booths. Patty Greene worked with the students to make them start thinking of what they are wanting their booths to look like. She allowed the students to see a demo booth set up. The students really enjoyed working with Patty Greene to start their plans for what their booths will look like at the Trade Show on Tuesday, May 1, 2018. Written by Tiffany Gates
CEO Survived Shark Tank http://www.effinghamceo.com/page(0ee9cf59-ebd3-4637-a4c1-5cb5b1418d09)/2018/03/27/CEO-Survived-Shark-Tank

Shark Tank Day

Last week Tuesday, the CEO class had the great opportunity to present their personal businesses to some of Effingham’s finest business professionals like in the popular TV show “Shark Tank”. Five to seven students were placed in separate rooms with three experienced “sharks” to critique, advise, and reassure the students about their personal business products and services. With the businesses being displayed at the CEO Trade Show on May 1st, the class has this annual “Shark Tank” day a little over a month before the Tradeshow to help fix some of the issues that the students might still have in their businesses. It provides them with alternate views and different opinions than what the students are usually used to, and it gives them another set of eyes to check the details of their business that they might have missed. The class loved having this opportunity to practice presenting and selling their businesses to some of Effingham’s business experts, and are now working out the kinks in their businesses. By: Meg Deters Here are a view journal entries from last week’s Shark Tank experience: "The sharks loved my pictures and the concept of my business. I loved having them critique my business and offer me suggestions to possibly include...  I was highly nervous walking into the Tank and was hoping to be able to hear other pitches before my turn. It didn’t quite happen that way. I was called up first. I was very nervous, but I do believe I handled myself well... I am extremely glad to have a day dedicated to using our elevator pitches and to be offered suggestions for our businesses." - Tiffany Gates "Shark Tank Day overall was a success in my eyes. Yes, I may have not agreed with some of the things the sharks said, but that just goes along with the maturity in decisions. Just because someone suggests you do something doesn’t mean you have to do it that way. The world is made up of choices and it all depends on which path we take and what path I decide to take with my product." - Wittni Cotton "Shark Tank day was a huge success.  More than anything, for me, it was a big confidence boost. I went into this day, feeling sure I could be successful. But leaving the shark tank, I felt like I could sell ice to Eskimos. With this being said, they did give me some constructive criticism that I am taking into consideration." -  Bryce Lohman "Shark Tank Day was a great morning. I really appreciate the chance to be able to present my business like a real business owner because we are. Just having that opportunity to be able to feel like we are attending a real Shark Tank is unbelievable. I got a lot of great advice that I am seeing is best to incorporate into my business." -   Claire Gardner "Tuesday was our Shark Tank Day at the Convention Center. I had three highly experienced sharks that gave everyone in our group advice on how to improve their products. I practiced my pitch several times before that day, and it really helped ease my nervousness. The sharks were very supportive of my business, and the advice they gave me will help me to get down the initial cost of my product. I really hope I can show them how their suggestions have helped my business at the trade show." -  Avery Elder "Shark Tank day.  I thought Megan and I killed it.  The sharks seemed genuinely interested in our product and it made me even more excited to sell our products at the tradeshow.  I also enjoyed hearing about everyone else’s products in our tank. It was cool to see everyone’s progress! Overall, it was a very inspirational day. " - Jake Brandt

Jeff Magee Presented on CRM and The Importance of this Tool to Grow Your Business

The class was privileged to hear Jeff Magee present CRM (Customer Relationship Management). He spoke about how Syngenta and other companies are using CRM data to improve their businesses. One of the biggest parts of CRM is determining who the customer is and what they like. This means that a company can center their products around a target customer to make their products work more efficiently for them, or they can find room for growth. CRM data and technology are becoming incredibly valuable and will be a huge part of the future market. Mr. Magee’s presentation gave the CEO class valuable knowledge that they will take to their future businesses. Written by Tyler Higgs

Wendte Farms

Wendte Farms welcomed the CEO students to their farm. Effingham County is considered to be an agricultural based community, so it was fitting for the students to tour a farm. Roy Wendte spoke to the students about how their farm runs and the techniques they use. The students learned a lot about the different ways to monitor the fields, such as by using apps found in the app store and by using drones. Roy made sure to allow the students to feel as if they were at home and allowed some students to sit in his farm equipment. The students learned of how unique it is to operate a farming business and how far away some fields are from the homestead of the farm. The students left the tour with a renewed understanding of how farms operate and the technology involved with farming. Written by Tiffany Gates

What Every CEO Student Should Know Before Renting An Apartment

In less than five months, a few of our CEO students will be living the apartment life. Jeff Speer of Re/Max Key Advantage and his team from Evergreen Apartments did a wonderful job preparing the students on not only what to look for on the lease they sign, but valuable tools to pack. Like the importance of a plunger and all the ways a hammer could be used instead of hitting a nail. CEO appreciated the advice to be aware of your surroundings when you go to rent and to also be respectful of others who are your roommates. Just simple things like taking out the trash and keeping the noise down after 10:00 pm can build a better community within a renting living situation. That is what is so exciting about CEO, you not only learn about business, but the day to day happenings of life.

CEO Gained a New Respect for their Brain with Memoryworx

The brain is one of the most important parts of the body, which means that it needs extra care. Kelly Willenborg, the founder of My Memory Worx, knows this more than anyone. This week, she explained to the CEO students just how much care this crucial organ needs and taught them a few things they could do to exercise and strengthen their brains. Mrs. Willenborg is extremely hard working and very passionate about what she does. It was amazing to hear how much time and energy she puts into everything she does. She recently got a degree in Gerontology in order to help even more people. Mrs. Willenborg also stressed the importance of the mentors she has had in her life, which is something CEO also believes to be incredibly important.  Written by Megan Hodge 
What Do You Bring To CEO? http://www.effinghamceo.com/page(0ee9cf59-ebd3-4637-a4c1-5cb5b1418d09)/2018/03/21/What-Do-You-Bring-To-CEO

Panera Bread Company

It was a tasty day at Panera Bread! CEO is very grateful to them for donating cookies for their recent CEO Experience. Eric Morales, catering manager shared about the company history, and the success of the Effingham location since opening in October 2017.  Morales shared about their awesome team of employees at Panera who work together when they have large catering demands. We appreciate Panera hosting CEO for the morning and Mr. Morales example of how working hard and giving more than expected can lead you to great opportunities.  

Craig Nielson - Asking the Hard Question

CEO always looks forward to having Craig Nielson share his experience and thought provoking questions with the class. This time he arrived asking the question "What do you bring to CEO or better yet to your personal business?"  "Craig Nielson would be a great person to assist us in determining our target market. I enjoy hearing from him and his analytical views on the successes of businesses. This week, he spoke to use about how to differentiate our businesses. In order to step above the competition, our business has to be more valuable. He also shared the Navy Seals quote “You don’t rise to the occasion, You fall to the level of your preparation.” -Journal exerpt from Madison Magee

Sean Sandifer

As a CEO alumni, Sean Sandifer has been running his bowtie business “The Middle Knot”, since his junior year of high school. Sean spoke to the CEO class about his journey through the CEO program. He also spoke about what it takes to run your own business and how to properly manage your time. This presentation was perfect timing for the students because they are all currently putting together their own personal businesses and can use what Sean said. The class hopes to keep in contact with Mr. Sandifer so that they can see how his business progresses every year and so that the students can see the amazing effects that CEO class has. By: Meg Deters

Accuracy Firearms

The first Accuracy Firearm store was in a green shed in the middle of a forest. But the business thrived there and their need for expansion brought them to their new location in the middle of Effingham. This also gave them the opportunity to build an indoor gun range and add classrooms. The CEO class got the opportunity to visit the business and hear how they serve the area with classes and firearm education. The business has had its share of highs and lows, but they have come through by giving their customers exactly what they want and by always showing their quality. They also pride themselves on the safety that they add to their field. The store is kept under constant surveillance and all the store owners are former police officers. Additionally, the gun range is kept very safe with lead filters, bullet collectors, and bulletproof glass. The class left very informed and excited about their success. Writtlen by Tyler Higgs

Bella Renaissance Yoga for Life Work Balance

It was not your typical day in CEO, but it is important to keep that work, life, balance in check and what better way to make that happen then pushing the limits to take a yoga class. Ginny Liss of Belle Renaissance opened up her yoga studio for CEO to experience yoga. She spoke about the importance for our health to learn how to relax and breath.  It was truly a much needed relaxation day from our stressful and energy packed week prior with the CEO Experience. Many of the students commented how much they enjoyed the morning session and that they wish to go back for classes in the future. It was mentioned that yoga would be an excellent destresser as they head off to college. Maybe before college finals a restorative yoga class would provide their mind rest for a powerful exam the next day.  

Old Mac's Drive Thru

Josh Koester the manager/chef at Old Mac's Drive Thru gave a wonderful tour and shared the story of success of this innovatie business concept. What a treat for you to stay in your car and their friendly staff brings it all to you. It takes the busienss plan of a convenience store to a whole new level. Old Mac's carries soft drinks, chips, staple grocery items, and orders "togo" from our cafe. The decor is fresh, clean and fun. And if you wish to dine in they have cafe as well.  They have delicious sandwiches with the Roadrunner hamburger as a crowd pleaser along with wonderful daily specials. Their claim to fame as the only really convenient convenience store.

The Bee Hive Beauty & Spa

The Beehive Beauty Boutique Hair and Nail Salon in Dieterich provided an excellent business tour. It is a full-service salon offering hair services, manicures, pedicures, makeup, spray tanning and facials. In addition to the salon services, they retail name brand hair products, jewelry, purses and other small boutique items. Megan (Hartke) Looman and Donna Hartke owners gave great advice about don't give up when someone says it will not work.  Also, word of mouth travels fast, so striving for great customer service is key in building your business. They also emphasized thinking strategically with promotions through Facebook and being community minded has been key with their business growth.  They also shared a few ideas that the students should consider as they start up their own businesses.  Location and Target Market Family and Community Support An understanding expectations of clients
CEO Experience Inspired, Educated and Entertained http://www.effinghamceo.com/page(0ee9cf59-ebd3-4637-a4c1-5cb5b1418d09)/2018/03/10/CEO-Experience-Inspired-Educated-and-Entertained-

Photos of CEO Experience

HSHS St. Anthony Hospital has been the CEO Experience Title Sponsor for the last two years and with their sponsorship and many more from our generous community this event would not be possible. The students this year wanted to extend an additional Thank You to the hospital by presenting them with a Crystal Award of Appreciation.  Please enjoy the day in photos! 

CEO Experience Review

From chomping down on a pair of Billy Bob Teeth to wearing fake “buns” there was never a dull moment at this year's Experience. CEO Students have planned over the last several months to make this Experience a welcoming and valuable business conference. The Experiece and filled with lively stories from our keynotes Dr. Richard Bailey and Cordia Harrington. They lifted up the room with energy and pride. With every speaker having a connection with Effingham, it was an incredible testimony to the greatness of our community. This year's Experience had a wide variety of breakout sessions: Hearing the outstanding life story of German native, Peter Kollinger Learning more about Emotional Intelligence with Tara Vandersande from Willow Creek Community How to use social media to connect with your ideal customer from Alexis Teichmiller 2011 CEO Alumni now working for Convertkit Having a better understanding how to bridge the generations in the workforce by team efforts of Diane Rieck and Jamie Rieck from Express Employment Hiring the best fit for your company with Jennifer Vahling from Midland States Bank Not only did the guests have an opportunity to add to their toolbox, but they had fun while doing so.  Written by: Truman Rhodes

Stang Arts Brings Art To Our Schools & Community

Jamie Stang Ellis is well known throughout Effingham County, but this week, the CEO students had the special opportunity to listen to her story and find out how she got to where she is now firsthand. She started drawing at the age of six and truly found her passion, which is what all the CEO students are thriving for, so it was inspirational to hear that that is possible and that they can find a way to live that passion out. Jamie told the story of growing up in Effingham, moving to Panama City Beach, New Orleans, and eventually back to Effingham since she loved our community so much. She had so much life experince and so many stories that helped her to learn who she is and who she wanted to be. It was very exciting to hear about how she built herself up with her art from practically nothing. She reminded the class to incorporate what they love and to have fun in every part of their lives so that it will never feel like they are really working and to get the most out of their lives. Written by Megan Hodge
Goals Are Only Dreams If Not Written Down http://www.effinghamceo.com/page(0ee9cf59-ebd3-4637-a4c1-5cb5b1418d09)/2018/03/05/Goals-Are-Only-Dreams-If-Not-Written-Down

Mentor Hustle Hour (Taxes, Sharks, & Products)

As all our Hustle Hours, every minute is accounted for. This month we had Matt Cekander provide a short presentation on sales tax and when, or if, the students plan to continue their business on how they will file their taxes. It was also a big day to work on getting their product in for Shark Tank Day arriving on March 20th and 21stl It is such a great day to receive feedback and recommendations on their personal businesses. It is hard to believe that the Trade Show on May 1st is right around the corner. Good luck to the class as they plan for a great evening sharing all their hard work with the Effingham Community. It has been such a great year with our experienced and committed mentors! 

The Value of Branding

Tom Deters from Sigel Mutual Insurance spoke to the class about "value added" and how it can apply to any business. Value added is unlimited, and can always grow.  A product has constant potential to improve quality and therefore increase its "value added". CEO students will be taking Mr. Deters advice into their own personal businesses and continue working to add value to their products or services. 

Leadership Development at SIU-Carbondale

The Leadership Development Program is a program that works with engineers and other students at SIU to help them function in and lead teams. There are three stages of this development: followership, teamship, then leadership. Dr. DeRuntz and Diogo, one of the students, came to class to talk to us about how to work in a team and how it benefits students. They went through an overview of what their students learn throughout their two years of the Leadership program. Going through exercises with the CEO students, they showed how similar we are and how those similarities are what drive a team towards success.
Where Should You Be March 7th? http://www.effinghamceo.com/page(0ee9cf59-ebd3-4637-a4c1-5cb5b1418d09)/2018/03/02/Where-Should-You-Be-March-7th

Heads up! Mark Your Calendars

The tenth annual Effingham CEO class-business project is bearing down on us.  The CEO Experience is scheduled for Wednesday, March 7 at Effingham’s Keller Convention Center.  It’s an afternoon of fun, business insights, and networking put on by the future business and professional leaders of the CEO class of 2018.  Personalized break-out sessions separate keynoter Dr Rich Bailey and wrap-up presenter, Cordia Harrington.  Dr Bailey came up with a novel idea while he was at Southern Illinois University Dental School: Billy Bob Teeth.  Twenty million sets of ugly, fake teeth later, he’s got quite a business story to tell.  Mrs Harrington has been recognized as one of the nation’s top entrepreneurs, with new awards popping up almost annually.  She’s the CEO of the Bun Companies, suppliers to McDonald’s and other major food manufacturers and distributors, and she somehow finds time to serve on many of Nashville, Tennessee’s most important charitable organizations.  Experience registrants are looking forward to her “Buns of Steel” observations.  It’s not too late to get your tickets, but be aware seating is expected to be limited.  Do it now!  Register here: http://www.effinghamceo.com/ceoexperience  Reprinted from Dwight Erskine's Morning Comments; February 27, 2018 ]]>
One Week Before for the Big Experience - Register Today http://www.effinghamceo.com/page(0ee9cf59-ebd3-4637-a4c1-5cb5b1418d09)/2018/02/22/One-Week-Before-for-the-Big-Experience---Register-Today

Banker Day A Positive Experience

The CEO class had the great privilege of receiving professional advice from experienced bankers and financial consultants for the annual Banker Day. During class, each student moved around the room to speak to each advisor on their business plan. The students had prepared their personal business and financial plans to share, and acquired the input and words of wisdom from Effingham’s finest. All of them left with new ideas for their personal businesses and were able to improve the financial aspects as well. The group is incredibly grateful they took time out of their busy schedules to help them, and are so glad that this has become a tradition for the class. By: Meg Deters

CEO Investor Breakfast Provided Great Venue For The Students to Meet Their Greatest Supporters

The Effingham CEO students had the amazing opportunity to thank the CEO Investors. The generous investors of the program joined the CEO students at the Firefly Grill for breakfast. Many investors have been with the program through all ten years and some joined throughout the years as they saw what the CEO program did for the young adults in their community. The CEO class is incredibly grateful for all of their investors and greatly appreciated getting to know them on a more personal level this week. Written by Megan Hodge

Attend the CEO Experience and Learn the Keys to Hiring The Right People

Bad hires are not only expensive, but can cause mental and emotional strain for your current staff. Jennifer Vahling’s presentation is designed to walk through specific interviewing techniques to ensure future hires are the right fit for your position. With her background in Human Resources, Industrial Psychology, and Talent Development for Midland States Bank, Jennifer has lots of experience dealing with “Hiring for Fit”. Her breakout is graciously sponsored by Re/Max Key Advantage. Join us in celebrating the 10th anniversary of CEO at the 2018 CEO Experience, presented by HSHS St. Anthony's Memorial Hospital on Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at the Keller Convention Center. We have a fantastic lineup of keynote and breakout speakers that will inform our guests of numerous ways to improve their lives and businesses. Each guest will leave with a renewed sense of inspiration and innovation to bring into their lives. Registration starts at 11am and the event lasts from 1pm to 5:45 pm. Read more about our speakers, and purchase tickets by going to effinghamceo.com. Adult tickets cost $50, and student tickets cost $30. Guests will attend two breakout sessions, so please register ASAP before breakout sessions are full. Selection will be decided on a first come, first serve basis.”
Have You Registered For The CEO Experience? http://www.effinghamceo.com/page(0ee9cf59-ebd3-4637-a4c1-5cb5b1418d09)/2018/02/16/Have-You-Registered-For-The-CEO-Experience-

South Central FS

South Central FS welcomed the CEO class to tour their business. Joe Meinhart, the CEO, explained to the students what all South Central FS does and what products they have to offer for farmers. The students gained knowledge of the Chicago Trade Board and how it is used. The students were also welcomed at FastStop, the gas station owned by South Central FS. The knowledge that was shared with the students was high quality, and they left the tour knowing more about their business of precision farming data along with financial services, to propane, tires and gas to support our agricultural community.  Written by Tiffany Gates

The Story Behind Designs Unlimited's Success & Growth

The CEO class was able to visit Designs Unlimited and hear from its founder, Tina Brumleve. The students were able to hear how the business was started and how it is now running. With so much competition, Designs Unlimited works behind the scenes to give the customer exactly what they want and more. As the business expanded, so did their machines and technology, increasing the quality of their products. The students left with some knowledge from the Brumleves' years of experience and an understanding of the importance of delivering quality products to build customers trust.

Dean Samuel

From facing the wild to opening Samuel Music to overcoming personal hang-ups, Dean Samuel had plenty of stories and knowledge to share with the class on his second visit. Mr. Samuel is not only an entrepreneurial inspiration, but a great role model for those who seek to improve their lives. Written by: Truman B. Rhodes

Does your Business Need To Focus More Attention On Your Social Media

Learn all of the tricks to mastering your company's social media with our amazing breakout speaker, Alexis Teichmiller (CEO Alumni 2011). Miss Teichmiller will show the most efficient ways to target audiences on social media and the best ways to catch their attention. Alexis works for ConvertKit, that does email marketing for professional bloggers, and also runs a blog of her own called Laptop Lifestyle. Her breakout session, "The Art of Social Media: How to use Social Media to Connect with your Ideal Customer" is graciously sponsored by Hodgson Mill. Join us in celebrating the 10th anniversary of CEO at the 2018 CEO Experience, presented by HSHS St. Anthony's Memorial Hospital on Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at the Keller Convention Center. We have a fantastic lineup of keynote and breakout speakers that will inform our guests of numerous ways to improve their lives and businesses. Each guest will leave with a renewed sense of inspiration and innovation to bring into their lives. Registration starts at 11am and the event lasts from 1pm to 5:45 pm. Read more about our speakers, and purchase tickets by going to effinghamceo.com. Adult tickets cost $50, and student tickets cost $30. Guests will attend two breakout sessions, so please register ASAP before breakout sessions are full. Selection will be decided on a first come, first serve basis.”

Media Day

CEO students eagerly shared information about the upcoming CEO eXperience earlier this week with local media. Thank you to our event title sponsor, HSHS St.Anthony Memorial Hospital, for hosting the conference. Avery Elder, chairmen of the marketing team, led the conference and introduced fellow chairmens. Truman Rhodes and Brooke Stuckemeyer announced the list of main speakers and breakout speakers along with the topics that they will be presenting on. Patrick Sherrod and the class also expressed their gratefulness to our many event sponsors.  Mackenzie, chairmen of registration team, gave details as how to register for the eXperience on March 7th. Register now by clicking the banner at the top of the Effingham CEO website.  Thank you to all the individuals that attended the media day conference. The class appreciates your assistance in spreading the news about our CEO eXperience and mission of celebrating10 years of innovation and inspiration on March 7th.  Written by Madison Magee