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Sammy's Smoothie Bar

Sammy's Smoothie Bar

Samantha Brown

Sammy's Smoothie Bar was founded and created by Alex and Samantha "Sammy" Brown. Samantha (Brandenburger) was born and raised in Effingham County. She married Alex in 2019 and moved to Robinson. She quickly realized the need for a healthy option for the community. With years of experience working in smoothie shops from Champaign to Effingham, she saw the great benefits and impact a healthy, quick and nutritious food option can bring to a community. Alex and Samantha both look forward to bring that to the Robinson community and are excited to blend your next delicious smoothie. 

Sammy's Smoothie Bar's roots come from years in the pursuance of a healthy lifestyle that is function. Through our years of searching, we have found the core of any healthy lifestyle is real, fresh, and clean ingredients. Each smoothie is hand crafted to fulfill the nutrient requirements your body demands. We have worked tirelessly to create a variety of smoothies that meet all of the different needs you may encounter in everyday life whether it is a large protein need, fiber, or carbohydrates and many more. We strive to find the right smoothie to help lead you towards a more healthy lifestyle.

Samantha Brown (Brandenburger) is a 2015 alumna of Effingham County CEO.  Alex Brown is a 2014 alum of Crawford County CEO.