Application Process

CEO Student Application Process

Attention freshmen and sophomores:  You may have been hearing about CEO, and thinking: “This sounds like I’d fit right in!”  If that’s the case, we have two words of advice.   Plan ahead .  If there’s a good chance you’ll be applying for the CEO class in your senior year, you’ll want to lay some of the ground work now .  Talk with present CEO students, and also with CEO alums.  Ask what the class is all about.  Get to your guidance counselor, and be sure your schedule for the next couple of years will accommodate inserting the CEO class in your senior-year days. You might even get together with one of the CEO facilitators.  It’s a great experience.  Don’t lock yourself out of participating by not being prepared!

Hey, Juniors!:  Yes, you!  You’re ready to apply.  Your first step will be to talk with your school’s guidance counselor.  He or she will point you in the right direction and answer most of your questions about the application process. The link to the CEO application will be provided to you by your guidance counselor.  Good luck!

If you wish to apply today, here is the link to do so! Deadline is February 4, 2018.