Madison Woelfer

About Me

Madison Woelfer is a senior at Effingham High School.  She participates in cross country, basketball, cheerleading, and track.  Madison currently is in Advanced Art IV at EHS, and is a member of the art club, French club, pep club, and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  She spends her summers working at Yipes!/Schaefer Sportswear as a fashion consultant, and also has responsibilities as the head of shipping and receiving.  In her spare time, she babysits for several families, and volunteers in fundraising events for her church and school. 

"My plans are to go to the school of my dreams, major in business administration and minor in fashion merchandising and marketing. I am looking forward to the coming year in CEO to build a foundation for me to achieve my full potential as a future businesswoman. I also look forward to the many experiences and inspiring individuals I will meet along the way."

About My Business

Madison Woelfer, is the artistic talent and the owner of MadiClaire Designs. Through the CEO program and with the help of her mentor, she has realized her passion for art. MadiClaire Designs is an artistic-design company specializing in canvas guest registries. With MadiClaire Designs, you can memorialize any special event in your life with an enduring painting from that moment. These specialty guest registries are customized for events such as weddings, celebrations of life, baby showers, graduations, and many other special occasions. The backgrounds for the registries are hand painted in advance. At the event, each canvas will display a Tree of Life. Then, each guest will stamp a finger, place it on the tree, and sign their fingerprint to symbolize a leaf. This will make your special occasion unique as your guests get personally involved. Next fall, Madison plans to continue to grow MadiClaire Designs while attending Missouri State University.