Chipman Schmidt

About Me

Chipman Schmidt attends Effingham High School as a senior, and loves to run in cross country, run track, and… just for fun. He is involved and leads in many local organizations such as: student council, Boy Scouts, Squires, Effingham County Snowball Group, Sacred Heart Church Youth Group, Order of the Arrow, and more. Chipman currently works at the Effingham Performance Center as an intern. He tries to find ways to assist various organizations through his ability to record, edit, and produce custom videos; pulling groups together, and promoting their causes. It’s always a joy for Chipman to help his friends, family, community, and anyone who can benefit from his assistance.

“I cannot wait to improve my leadership abilities, learn new innovation skills, and then apply those in business situations. I am also really excited that I’ll get to meet so many local business leaders and learn from their experience and advice!”

About My Business

Chippy productions is a video production business by Chipman Schmidt providing personalized services to individuals and organizations looking to promote themselves in a “new light”. Chipman hopes to help his community expand and become more interactive, using his service to connect a growing audience. Chipman can be contacted via email at Chipman says, “CEO has taught me that opportunity is everywhere; you must choose to find and use it.” After CEO he’ll be attending Lake Land in computer application, with a side in digital-media specialist.