Emma Kull

About Me

Emma Kull is a senior at Effingham High School. She participates in musicals, chorus, and Impact. She fell in love with tennis when she was young, and is now on the high-school tennis team. She is a member of National Honor Society. Away from school activities, Emma is a host at TGI Friday’s, and she instructs youngsters in tennis at the Park District. She also serves throughout the year in the children’s ministry at her church.

“ I hope my time with CEO will help to improve my communication skills, and will enable me to learn more about business-building and networking. I believe CEO will help me grow as a person, and to be successful in every aspect of life. "

About My Business

Emma Kull, founder of EB Designs, designs, produces and sells headbands, key chains, hair ties, bracelets, and hair bows. Her designer headbands can be found in various retail locations throughout Effingham. These handmade, high-quality, yet affordable headbands come in a variety of colors and sizes. Each band has a unique non-slip underside, perfect for today’s active woman. She’s also got a Little Miss line of headbands for young girls. Contact Emma Kull through Facebook or at ebdesigns15@gmail.com. Emma will attend Lakeland College in the fall of 2016 to major in marketing, while completing a cosmetology degree.