Kaylee Tonn

About Me

Kaylee Tonn is a senior at Effingham High School. She is a member of the Flaming Hearts girls’ golf team, softball team, Math Club and Pep Club. In her spare time away from school, Kaylee enjoys hanging out with friends, and playing in a traveling softball team. She is employed at John Boos & Company, and also works with the Effingham Park District at the Effingham Kluthe Memorial Pool during the summer.

“Given this amazing opportunity, I am expecting CEO to teach me useful life lessons that I can apply every day with everything I do. Additionally, I’m hopeful the experiences along the way will spark several ideas for my future.”

About My Business

Kaylee Tonn wanted to provide a product with sentimental value. So she built Time to Chime. From personal experience, she knew wind chimes were not only beautiful decorations, they’re often a symbol of remembrance when a loved one passes away. Time to Chime sells regular Corinthian Bell wind chimes, but also customizes chimes with symbols such as cancer bows, hearts, and more. Anyone who is interested should contact Kaylee at kaylee_tonn98@yahoo.com. To learn more, follow @timetochime1 on Twitter and/or Instagram. CEO has taught Kaylee that there are so many opportunities in life, and you never know which one can lead you in the perfect direction. This fall, Kaylee will be at Southeastern Illinois College, to continue playing softball, and to pursue a degree in criminal justice.