Parker Anderson

About Me

Parker Anderson is a senior at St. Anthony High School where she is a cheerleader, runs cross country, and participates in her school’s musical productions. A member of the Science Club, Pep Club and Spanish Club, Parker is also enrolled with National Honor Society and still finds time to serve as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion for her church. She spends her summers babysitting and going on domestic, school-sponsored mission trips. She enjoys playing guitar and performs now and then at various small businesses in Effingham County. Parker’s personal philosophy highlights two things that matter most to her in life: music and family.

“I feel very fortunate to be a part of the Effingham County CEO class. I have seen so many students transformed by participating in the class, and I am excited to hopefully undergo that same transformation. I believe that I will gain knowledge and experience through CEO that most other students my age don’t have the chance to experience.”

About My Business

Parker Anderson is the owner and creator of Sculpting Grace, a makeup-brush boutique offering women designer-quality brushes for a fraction of the usual cost. Women will feel beautiful and look beautiful using Sculpting Grace’s simple tools so essential for their best everyday appearance. Parker may be contacted at or on her Facebook page, Sculpting Grace. She plans to continue sharing her passion for makeup while she attends the University of Alabama, majoring in chemical engineering.