Matt Linders

About Me

Matt Linders attends Effingham High School. He participates in many extracurricular activities but his main focuses are golf and tennis. He enjoys both sports and looks forward to competing for Effingham in his senior year. He enjoys the challenge provided by Effingham’s dual credit program and looks forward to any other challenges he will encounter this year. He plans on majoring in business, but he has not yet picked a college. He can’t wait to see where his life will take him and the challenges he will encounter in his college career and beyond.

“I am confident that CEO will improve my people skills and help me make many connections in the community that would have otherwise been impossible to make. I hope that CEO will also provide me with invaluable experience that i could not have gotten anywhere else.”

About My Business

Matt’s Tees is a custom t-shirt company based on the principle of getting a custom t-shirt for a reasonable price. Matt’s tees creates great designs, custom tailored to whatever the customer wants. They strive for great quality at an affordable price. Matt’s tees was founded by Matt Linders and solely ran by him. They specialize in cool and interesting designs and will put anything the customer wants on a t-shirt. Matt can be contacted at

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