Bryce Lohman

About Me

Bryce Lohman attends Effingham High School. He is on the varsity baseball team and active in Fellowship of Christian Athletes as well as math club. He is also a member of National Honor Society, Society of Academic Achievements, and Academic Hall of Fame. In his free time, Bryce enjoys hanging out with friends, playing baseball, coaching baseball, and being outdoors. For the past year, he has worked as an intern for Heartland Dental where he has had the opportunity to get a feel for the business world. Though his college choice and area of study are undecided, he hopes CEO will give him the desire to bring his talents and knowledge back to Effingham.

“I feel confident that the opportunities CEO will present and the doors this program will open are ones that no other experience will bring to me. I look to gain knowledge and skills through the CEO program that I can use for my future endeavors.”

About My Business

Have you ever sat your drink on a table and had it leave a sweat ring or ruin the finish? Is your room missing something, you’re just not sure what? Cold Stone Coasters, a business owned by Bryce Lohman, solves both of these problems. Cold Stone Coasters offers high quality drink coasters with your own custom touch. With a choice between granite and natural stone, it is guaranteed to find a coaster that fits your style. The coasters will be laser engraved, with your choice of image or letters. Contact Bryce at for a demonstration of this simple but practical product that everyone can use. Mentored by Brad Waldhoff of Jack Henry Associates.

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