Carver McCaskill

About Me

Carver McCaskill attends St. Anthony High School. He is the founder and leader of the ping-pong club. He is also involved with other clubs such as history club and spanish club. On the weekends he works at the RMC Cinemas in Effingham. He spends his leisure time paddle boarding and making costumes. He wants to go to college at University of Tampa and pursue a degree in management.

“I have always heard that effingham is full of opportunity for entrepreneurs, I am looking forward to seeing what there is and how businesses are ran in a small community. I am truly grateful for being able to be in CEO.”

About My Business

Carver McCaskill is the founder of Luminos, a business that creates home decor items that specialize in light bottles. Every piece is slightly different than the next with minor personalization options. There are a variety of different designs that range from Weddings to the 4th of July. Carver can be contacted at These are great gifts for friends, fantastic decorations for ambiance, or just something to set the mood wherever you are. Carver plans to spend a year in Mexico before going to the University of Tampa in Florida. Mentored by Tim Ellis from Heartland Dental.