Madison Magee

About Me

Madison Magee attends Teutopolis High School. She participates in the school’s volunteens program, provides tutoring services to others, and is a member of the ladies’ golf team. She has also volunteered at community organizations such as Catholic Charities, Community Support Systems, and the S.E.A.R.C.H program. Madison has a genuine passion for working with individuals with special needs. That passion is why she plans to major in neuroscience in hope of helping others improve their quality of life and the loved ones around them. In her free time, Madison enjoys reading, drawing, doing puzzles, and spending time with family and friends.

“The CEO program is not just a class, it is a supportive community full of opportunities. I am very fortunate to be a part of this program, which will help me grow towards my potential both personally and professionally.”

About My Business

Handprints was founded by Madison Magee to motivate a pattern for acts of kindness that leave an impression of good upon the world. Dedicated to servicing non-profit organizations, Handprints provides a unique way for each organization to share their stories with others through books. Each book is tailored to provide the non-profit organizations a piece made to inform the public about their services and inspire others to become involved in their personal missions. Learn more about Handprints at, on Facebook, or by contacting Madison at She looks forward to attending SIUE in the fall and will major in psychology. Mentored by Roy Dent from Dent Law Office, Ltd. and Ron Mietzner from Martin's IGA Plus and the American Cancer Society.

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