Marianna Hemmen

About Me

Marianna Hemmen attends Teutopolis High School and is involved in basketball, softball, along with math club, volunteens, and National Honor Society. Outside of school, she is currently waitressing at Cracker Barrel. In her free time she loves spending time with her family, friends, and her dog, Manny. Marianna plans to attend a four year university and major in business.

“CEO is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I am extremely happy to be apart of this year's class. I look forward to learning more about the businesses in Effingham County and building skills that will help me now and in the future. I am excited to meet new people and create new relationships.”

About My Business

Marianna Hemmen created a business called Messages by Marianna, which offers high quality, beautiful locket necklaces. Marianna started this business because she has a love for jewelry and never wants to forget the things she loves. This business doesn’t just provide locket necklaces, but a service for minimizing a picture of the customers choice and placing it into a locket as well. Please feel free to contact Marianna at Next year, Marianna will be attending the University of Illinois majoring in actuarial science. Mentored by Julie Everett with Smith Moore financial.

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