Andres Trevino

About Me

Andres Trevino is a student from the class of 2019 from Teutopolis High School. He is currently employed at Stevens Industries located in Teutopolis. When Andres has free time he enjoys hanging out with his friends and building/repairing computers. Andres wants to pursue a Computer Science Bachelor's Degree. Unsure if he wants to go into Computer Hardware, IT, or Computer Software Andres hopes that his personal business will show him what he is most passionate about. Andres first found out about the CEO program in 8th grade from his literature teacher Mr. Probst. Mr. Probst would always talk about the class and how prestigious it was, that's when Andres became hooked and pursued it.

“Since 8th grade I have been intrigued by the CEO program, I am excited to see how this program shapes me and the connections I will make. I am very proud to be representing the CEO Class of 2019!”

About My Business

Advanced Electronic Repairs  is a business for repairing computers and phones. It is run by  Andres Trevino  and Ethan McWhorter who plan to continue the business through college. Their main focus is personal computers and phones. They also have support for custom computer builds and part picking advice. They also offer electronic recycling for any old or unused electronics. You can contact us at (advancedelectronic or checkout our facebook and instagram (@ae_repairs). Andres plans to major in computer programming at Lake Land Community College in the fall.