Donovan Kitten

About Me

Donovan Kitten is a senior at Teutopolis High School. He is involved in National Honors Society and soccer. Donovan plays soccer year-round; in the fall he plays for Teutopolis school, and during the spring and summer he plays for an Effingham County club team. Outside of school, he enjoys electronics and being outside. He is also enrolled at Lake Land College, and has been taking at least one class there per semester while in high school. As of now, he has over 35 credit-hours. After high school, he plans on finishing up his pre-engineering degree at Lake Land and then transferring to UIUC for electrical engineering or software engineering.

“CEO will definitely change me as a person to be able to speak and network better. CEO will definitely be a great start to a very successful career and life.”

About My Business

DKInnovation is solely owned and operated by  Donovan Kitten.  He makes Speakers that have an LED display to play with music playing from the speakers. The goal of DKInnovation is to bring new and innovative products to consumers. In the future, he plans on opening new products such as bigger speakers of different sizes and shapes. All speakers will have a full LED panel display to animate with the music. DKInnovation plans on going into other markets such as 3D design and printing for customers. Donovan plans on going to Lake Land College and study software engineering, then go into a 4 year college. Any questions or concerns, feel free to email Donovan at