Makenna Grubb

About Me

Senior at St. Anthony High School, Makenna Grubb spends her time participating in many activities. In school, Makenna likes to fill her time in band, chorus, and taking a role in the school musical. She is a member of the National Honor Society, History Club, Catholic Athletes for Christ, Pep Club, and is a Varsity Cheerleader. Outside of school, she likes to spend her free time with friends, practicing one of her many instruments, being artistic, or just simply relaxing. After high school, Makenna hopes to attend a university to major in business communications and media. She is eager to continue her year in CEO and cannot wait to experience many new things!

“I am extremely blessed to have been given this opportunity as a member of CEO. To be given the opportunity to gain experience in the business world before even stepping out of High School is an amazing opportunity that has been given to me. I am eager to continue learning outside of a classroom setting. I can’t wait to see what I learn, and am excited to see my personal growth throughout the year!”






DISC Characteristics

  • Decisive- preference for problem solving and getting results
  • Interactive- preference for interacting with others and showing emotion
  • Stability- preference for pacing, persistence and steadiness
  • Cautious- preference for procedures, standards and protocols