Andrew Brandenburger

About Me

Andrew is a Senior at St.Anthony High school. He enjoys playing basketball, ping pong, video games, working out, and jeep runs. At school he participates in a discipleship class and is on the E Sports Team. After high school Andrew plans to go to college and share a Business with his father in the future.

"I would just like to thank everyone for this great opportunity that I have in CEO. I can't wait to apply this to my life in the future."

About My Business

Are you tired of eating the same boring American snacks, such as potatoe chips, fruit snacks, and many other boring foods. Well here at FlavaTown Foods we are here to reinvent the snacking industry where we will have exotic snack flavors from Japan. You will never go back to flavorless snacks again.






DISC Characteristics

  • Decisive | Preference for problem solving and getting results
  • Interactive | Preference for interacting with others and showing emotion
  • Stability | Preference for pacing, persistence and steadiness
  • Cautious | Preference for procedures, standards and protocols