Charlie Ring

About Me

Charlie Ring is a senior at Effingham High School. He has participated in football and track all 4 years of his highschool career. Outside of school sports he also participates in powerlifting events and is a member of National Honors Society, Society of Academic Achievement, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and a member of Pep club. Separate from school activities Charlie works at Kirby Foods in Effingham, Servpro, Sweet Tea and Jesus, and also has a small mowing business. In his free time, Charlie likes to be in the barn with his show pigs or goats or be outside to ride his side by side or dirt bikes. After he graduates, he plans to attend Lakeland Community College where he has not decided his major, but he hopes to use his CEO experience to help him decide his final option.

“CEO has provided an eye opening opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity. Because of this class I now have the ability and skills to become successful in the future.”

About My Business

Farm Engage provides ag-related solutions created by farmers for farmers. Farmers build and create many things for their farms. They don't do it with the idea to make money. They do it out of necessity. At Farm Engage we manufacture and sell those solutions farmers have already created. Farmers are even rewarded for their innovation, they receive royalties off of everyone of their products sold.






DISC Characteristics

  • Decisive | Preference for problem solving and getting results
  • Interactive | Preference for interacting with others and showing emotion
  • Stability | Preference for pacing, persistence and steadiness
  • Cautious | Preference for procedures, standards and protocols