Devin Aherin

About Me

Devin Aherin is a senior at Dieterich High School where he is captain of the Movin’ Maroons basketball team. Devin is a member of 4-H and Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and is president of his FFA Chapter.

”I am eager for the opportunity to learn from and build relationships with some of the best business people around the county. I believe in the value of experience, and CEO will give me a great chance to interact with business and entrepreneurial veterans. I hope to use the skills I learn and connections I make to someday have a successful entrepreneurial experience of my own."

About My Business

Devin Aherin has started Aherin Seed, a retailer of cover-crop, forage and turf seed. The focus of his company is cover crops: plants grown by farmers during times when a conventional crop is not feasible. Crops that cover otherwise barren land offer a wide range of benefits, starting with a reduction of minerals and nitrogen leeching into groundwater, a decrease in soil erosion, the building of organic matter, and weed suppression. The plants that provide these benefits include rye grains, radishes, oats, and clovers. Devin hopes Aherin Seed can work with farmers to make cover crops a profitable and sustainable part of their operation. “CEO has shown me numerous opportunities I never knew existed, and the best part is how many opportunities there are in Effingham County. Another wonderful part of the program is getting to meet and talk with business and community leaders every day”. Devin Aherin will attend Lake Land College next year, and then will transfer to the University of Illinois to study crop agribusiness.