Jacob Linders

About Me

Jacob Linders is enjoying his senior year at Effingham High School. He participates in many activities at EHS, but his number one priority is golf. He always enjoyed golf as a kid and he likes testing his skills against other golfers. He is really challenged at EHS this year by enrollment in two-dual credit classes; one of which is Comp I rhetoric, and two other classes: Intro to Business, and Business Environment. He took these classes because they’ll be accepted by dream school, Kansas State University. Jake plans on earning a degree in conservation and wildlife, with a minor in business administration. During the summer, he works at Effingham Country Club; and he truly loves the necessary long work-hours at the club.


"Being in CEO this year has me on the edge of my chair. I cannot wait to learn my way around the business world. My parents are business people and this pulls our family closer, much like I believe the CEO class will be a close family.  I expect to mature tremendously, and for my life to change significantly. I am excited and eager to get to know Mr. Probst, Mrs. Teichmiller and my CEO peers."

About My Business

Jake Linders along with his business partner Connor Greene created Robert Vaughn. Mr. Linders' company creates affordable, classy, personalized belts for those in golf clubs, businesses, fraternities and more. His focus is on quality and customer satisfaction. Robert Vaughn’s full-grain, genuine leather gives every wearer a stylish and professional look. Any design can be laser-engraved onto the alloy of the belt buckle. Handcrafted in Dongguan City, China, the belts are certified to be authentic and high quality. With the slogan "The only answer is Robert Vaughn," Jake and Connor say their firm has the potential to take over the world’s belt industry. CEO has taught Jake to look at things differently, realize he is surrounded by opportunities, and that he should make the most of every one of them. Jake has chosen to pursue an education at Kansas State University, where he plans to study business and… expand the business of Robert Vaughn.