Sean French

About Me

Sean French is a senior at Effingham High School. He is class vice-president and sits on the student council. He is also a member of National Honor Society, a previous Student of the Month, and an avid volunteer with local organizations. Sean hopes CEO will take him out of his comfort zone; offering new and exciting opportunities. Sean believes CEO will teach him about being successful, the importance of maintaining a positive outlook, networking, and remaining confident through life’s tribulations.

"I expect CEO to be a tough class. Real-life situations, with consequences positive and negative, are things that just cannot be experienced in any other high-school class. The opportunities I will have - the networking, and the business knowledge I will gain from this class - will prepare me for my class business, college... my future."

About My Business

Sean French, partnered with Sean Sandifer, has created Sean’s CEO Shop. Currently, there are thirteen CEO classes nationwide, and there will be twenty-eight classes next year. Though CEO is only six years old, this means there are already hundreds of CEO alumni. Many of these alumni had product businesses, and those products are now sitting in basements, collecting dust and certainly making no money. That is where Sean’s CEO Shop comes in. Sean has created an avenue for CEO alumni to move their products back into the market, and to potentially make a little money. He will take those unsold products and create a one-stop shop for past CEO merchandise, marketing through social media, a website, the CEO trade show, and word-of-mouth. CEO has taught Sean the importance of making connections, and understanding that mistakes and failures are what can help him to succeed. Sean plans to attend the University of Illinois in the fall of 2015, majoring in finance and/or accountancy.