Tori Sims

About Me

Tori Sims attends Effingham High School where she is a member of pep club, math club, Spanish club, the prom committee, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, National Honor Society, and the Society of Academic Achievement. Tori is a class officer, and she also plays tennis and softball. During the summer months, she works with children at the Effingham Park District.

"I really enjoy my extra-curricular activities, and this will involve a lot of additional time. But, I feel that CEO is an invaluable opportunity. I am both eager and appreciative to be involved in the program. CEO provides us with the opportunity to meet with successful people in our community, and also affords us experiences far beyond those of the average classroom. By instilling professionalism, self-confidence, and networking habits, CEO will help mold and shape my future."

About My Business

Tori Sims is the founder of Wildly Creative, a design-based party business. Wildly Creative provides items that will stand out against an ocean of plain and ordinary. From unusual supplies to original embellished favors, Wildly Creative gives each party host the chance to have a uniquely exciting event. You may not remember who attended, you may not remember the presents received, but it is the mission of Wildly Creative to ensure you remember the sensational atmosphere of your party! You may contact Miss Sims at Quality service and customer communication are the keys for Wildly Creative. CEO has made it possible for Tori to hone skills and absorb lessons she can apply in her business and in her life. It has made her an entrepreneurial thinker and has truly inspired her to develop her design skills into a business. Tori plans to double major in graphic design and communication, and to one day expand Wildly Creative.