Sidney Brumleve

About Me

Sidney Brumleve attends Teutopolis High School. She participates in Band, Softball, and Tennis. She is a member of National Honor Society, Spanish Club, In Touch, and Varsity Club. Sidney is currently employed at Niemerg’s Steakhouse and Homewood Grill. During the summer, Sidney takes part in Catholic HEART Work Camp: a volunteer mission trip that travels around the United States, and also is a youth camp counselor at Community Support Systems. During the summer she plays travel softball and USTA tennis. She also is a sacristan at her church.

“I am blessed with the opportunity to gain knowledge and business insight from professionals right here in our community. I am looking forward to learning how to shape my communication and marketing skills and know that CEO will be the avenue to help me achieve these goals.”

About My Business

Sidney Brumleve is the founder of Simply Be Boutique, an online boutique filled with specialized ladies’ clothing. Each customer of Simply Be Boutique will feel as if that outfit is made for her! Each set of clothing is named after a different characteristic of Simply Be Boutique’s customers. Contact Sidney at for more information or place an order on Sidney plans to attend Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville, anticipating a major in business administration.

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