Truman Rhodes

About Me

Truman Rhodes attends at Beecher City High School. He serves as the 2018 class president and as a student council representative. He also participates in Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Drama Club and Varsity Scholar Bowl. Outside of high school, he spends his time working at Randall Gamebird Farm and Witteborg Concessions, growing closer to God with his youth group, and playing piano. He spends a few weeks of the summer as a camp counselor at Bond Christian Service Camp. After high school, he plans to attend St. Louis Christian College and study Preaching Ministry or Intercultural Ministry.

“ As I look forward to the CEO journey ahead of me, I can’t think of any other opportunity that will equip me with the skills I will need to pursue my future plans.”

About My Business

Rhodsies Ice Cream & More is a student-based business owned and operated by Truman Rhodes. Rhodsies is a food vendor specializing in bringing ice cream to your event. With an assortment of flavors, Rhodsies provides premium ice cream sourced from Prairie Farms. Rhodsies strives to add value to the community by getting involved in local fundraising and community events. You can contact Truman at, or check out Rhodsies on Instagram! Truman plans to attend St. Louis Christian College and study ministry. Mentored by Katie Koester the event manager at Firefly Grill.

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